Sunday, October 1, 2017

Lauren's Lil Pumpkin Baby Shower

We had a great time at Lauren's Lil Pumpkin Baby Shower!
We decided on a Lil Pumpkin theme because Lauren and Brian are very outdoorsy and they do not know the gender of the baby. Some of the Decorations:
The food that Kristie and friends pulled off was AMAZING!
Some highlights include the caramel apple dippers (although the caramel missing from this picture)
Delicious cheeseball in the shape of a pumpkin:
Fanciful Veggie Platter:
Pumpkin Chex Mix:
Fruit Salsa and Sweet potato chips:
Plus other great food like Pumpkin dump cake with homemade whipped cream, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins, Almond Sugar cookie bites and more.
We had amazing Golden Apple Punch and played a game involving guessing how many pumpkins were in a jar.
She got many great gifts (of which I didn't take any pictures):
Plus, what baby shower would be complete without Babies and Puppies?
The invitation was super cute:
We played a fun scategories game too where we all tried to cheat and laughed plenty (will post soon).

Thursday, September 14, 2017

More pictures from our September

September has been good for us. Busy, but good. Most of our free time is spent outside- in the backyard, eating supper, or playing or practicing football. Jay is LOVING flag football this year and has practices twice a week as well as a game on Saturday. Andy has practice once a week and a game on Saturday. Ellie makes lots of new friends while she spends her Saturdays at football games (and once in a while we sneak home for a nap because we live 3 min. from the fields!) Ellie loves the outside too, but her favorite is playing in the "wawa". In the picture by the flowers, she is asking daddy to throw her up in the air:)
We went to Grandma and Grandpas for a Saturday and Sunday recently.
Andy has enjoyed Kindergarten (with all of it's struggles). Ellie has LOVED all the fun things she gets to do with Ami her babysitter.

Monday, September 4, 2017

First day of school pictures, Ellie 15 months

Jay is in 2nd grade this year:
Andy is in Kindergarten this year:
Ellie is loving the time at her babysitter:
Ellie is 15 months now. She talks all the time (but only says distinguishable words) I tried to put a bow in her hair which lasted about 5 min. She loves other people and plays with everyone (excluding males she doesn't know and the live chick-fil-a cow) She got really excited when the boys gave her a working Wii remote.