Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mid March...lots of fun

Andy got invited to a birthday party on a Tumblebus and had a ton of fun. His friend Pippa was there too.
We got some new toys from Goodwill half price day, and from Lowe's Grow and Build.
We ended up with both boys getting fevers for a few days, but medicine took it right down and we had enough energy to make a "Superhero vs. Dino" cake.
I forgot how messy chocolate cake is:(

We met up with Chad and Christine. Jay was especially proud to wear his "College" sweatshirt.

Andy has been having a few "terrible two's" moments:

 We spend a lot of time in the car. I got a CD from church and the kids had the songs (all the words) memorized by Friday. They are only this happy 10% of the time.
Andy asked to crawl into his seat from the back of the vehicle...and a minute later he was yelling "Mommy, help me, I stuck".

We tried out a new park, and did some shopping with friends.

Jay made his first batch of Banana sprinkle muffins by himself (he was really proud of his egg cracking skills ("no shells"):)

I tested a few ideas for Jay's pirate birthday party this summer.
And because I don't want to forget them... Andy and Jay snoring when they were congested:
 Jay got to check out Grandpa's tractor.
Here are some tiny Irishmen err..boys...actually they are 1/2 we will call them CUTE.
Wow...that was a lot of pictures, and it's not even spring break yet. One more video for fun:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The shed

We (well, mostly Jack) finished the shed! It looks great inside and out...and John started moving some things in tonight.
Saturday when Jack and Cherry, JT and Camille came up:

Monday, March 2, 2015

March already

The boys pretend to be puppies...often
I take them shopping...a lot (and try to find fun things along the way) Snowball fight:
I was almost sleeping one afternoon when Jay woke me up with one thing, then 12 min. later it was something else. 15 min. later a different need (I finally said...GO get the kindle and play a game). 12 min later he came in and held it up to my face and said "MOM, I really want to download this...can you get it for me?" Exhausted, I told him to write down the name of it. "I can't spell" he said. "You know all your letters...write them down in order" "OK" he said and walked away. This is what I woke up (15 min. later) too:)