Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween 2015 and more

This year Halloween was a blur, but it was still super fun. Jay has known he was going to be a SWAT guy since this summer, but when he walked into school with his costume on and showed his teacher he was beaming from ear to ear (seriously, one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen). Andy was going to be Superman, then a ninja turtle costume from Cody, but it was too big, so finally I did what I have never done before...I bought a costume on amazon! He loved it. John go the idea when he started growing out his beard...then when he told me I said...oh, I have a Luigi hat in the basement that you can wear. He did have to get some overalls, but has been wearing them a lot since halloween too.
We had a party and Noah wore the doggie costume from when Jay was little. Here are some friends:
The morning of Halloween, the boys were (semi) helpful by decorating and getting candy ready. They knew they couldn't eat any..so they smelled it. Very funny.
I found some winter clothes in the basement for Jay and he got very exited about the shirt that matched John. He put it on and they went upstairs and took a picture.
Andy got invited to a birthday party at a FUN place with cosmic bowling, laser tag, pizza and cake. He had a blast!
Jay is still missing his nap time...and about one day a week he falls asleep on the way home.
We tried to go out to eat the other day. Andy is always so excited about it. I lasted about 40 min. and then I headed home. More basketball pictures and videos to come, but they are on John's phone, so I need to get them off.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Tired and behind

I am barely functioning as a wife and mother right now b/c baby #3 is making me nauseous...but I want to get some pictures posted anyway.
Jay tried on cody's ninja Turtle costume from when he was a kid.
One day John picked up the boys. When I came home, he was in the shower and this is how I found the boys. To be fair I think Andy took off his clothes because he wanted to take a shower too, but then got distracted by the cool things Jay was doing.
We spend many an hour debating who has the biggest muscles.
John has been amazing. Supper has only been shoved in the oven or picked up. Hoping for a better feeling next trimester.

Monday, September 7, 2015

End of Summer

A lot has happened in the last few weeks of summer. I wanted to dump some of my phone pictures onto the blog so I don't forget the moments, and so I can delete them. I bought a water slide at a garage sale. It has been a bit hit these last few weeks.
Each time we go to Pizza Ranch, I take a picture of Andy's face. SO adorable. I also love his sleeping habits.
He has had a few dates with Charlotte:)
The nursery at church...
I wanted to test out my new phone camera and the sunset was cool, so I took some photos with Andy.
We went to visit Ezra and saw 5 deer in John's parents housing development.
I found another awesome garage sale purchase in the last few weeks. Fun for hours (and hopefully years).
John created a football field in our backyard which was fun...
Andy had hat day at school, I forgot to take a picture during the day, but I took one at night before bed.
The boys have been doing plenty of projects lately

Saturday, September 5, 2015

School Begins

Andy started 3-year old preschool and is in the Llama room (with mostly other 4 year olds). He is not with his best friends (including Pippa and Lucas), but is still loving it. He got a new backpack this year, I'll have to take a picture of it. Oh and "minja turtle" is not a typo. That is how he says Ninja right now.
Jay started Kindergarten at my school this year. People keep making comments like "I remember when he was just a bun in the oven". But they also think he is super cute. On the way to school the first day he kept saying things like..."Mom, haven't I grown a lot since I was a baby!" or "Man, can you believe I am in Kindergarten." I thought it was odd because he had NEVER said anything like that before, but I was too focused on the day that I had to teach, that I didn't cry. He was great the first day. The second day apparently he cried for a bit because he wanted to "give his mommy another hug", but he got over it.
He said he still wants to be a Paleontologist, but mostly so he can watch a lot of dinosaur movies like Jurassic World.
First Day! I wore Broncos colors because it was the last pre-season game that night, and because I matched my room.
Here's to 2015-2016!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

More Iowa vacation Aug 2015

We finished out camping by building an awesome sandcastle. In Decorah, we went to the falls, the fish hatchery, and a cool park. I ran out of time to finish this one, but here are some cute pictures