Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ellie's 1st Twinkle Twinkle Birthday Party

Ellie Turned 1! Here are some fun pictures. I will start with the best part...the smash cake!
Here is one of the videos: More of the party: Food: I hadn't even made any sort of cake at 8pm the night before the party, but my mom convinced me it was important (I did have a back up plan...but the real cake turned out great!). I couldn't find my small round pan, but I found a heart shaped one in the basement. We had Funfetti cake with buttercream frosting, edible gold glitter dust and an edible sugar paper strip. Jay did all of the work on the cupcakes and the pink balls around the outside of the cake- super helpful as I did all the decorating the morning of the party. We got a cookie cutter and poured some gold glitter dust on the inside. We also had star shaped sugar cookies for "make your own fruit pizza". I used the rest of the glitter dust on the sugar wafers with white chocolate. We also had "build your own taco/nachos" and chips and guac/salsa.
Some more of the decorations:
We had a "Star" photo booth area:
Ellie loved opening present:
We are so thankful that Family could celebrate this occasion with us.
Singing: And just for fun...Ellie says "Touchdown"

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Andy's Ninja Party

Andy was so excited to have a Ninja party!
The food was fun! I enjoyed the decor:
The hit of the party was the outside games. Sensi Says: JT helped out with this one and even dressed for the part.
Then we did the Ninja obstacle course:
We got some great action shots!
Claim the Golden Weapon. John explained the game and the kids were loving it. They had to sneak up and take back the Golden Weapon from the bad guy (who was only half paying attention), then return it to the castle.
Andy loved his party, and his friends coming over. John was pretty proud of the backyard.