Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring in April

Ellie is so funny. She is almost 11 months and is just a riot to be around when she is happy. She is pretty obviously tired or hungry, and only has extreme moods when she wakes up early from her naps. She is starting to talk up a storm, and can imitate the sounds of these words: Uh-oh, Thank you, All done, bye-bye and more. She adores people who smile at her and sing to her (and the outside of the fridge is full of smiles). She loves playing with Ami (her babysitter) and her daughters. Here are a bunch of videos of Ellie: And this is what happens when I decide it is nap time:) Andy's favorite birthday party to date... Here are some pictures of spring break and the time after:
Ellie with Ami's daughters, and Andy on a playdate.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

March Life, 6, 4, 10 months

Jay had an author's tea at school. His book was called "How to play Football". Also, we got out the firepit that I bought John for Christmas. We have had a few winter fires already, and he loves it. Andy was a little afraid of it.
Ellie has been standing up next to things, and bathtime has been adorable.
St. Patricks day was very fun.
Ellie turned 10 months. She crawls like a champ, has two teeth on the bottom, says "all done", and will repeat sounds (peek-a-boo, Oh-oh) but not the words. She pulls herself up to standing next to items, and learned how to crawl stairs this week. She will still wear headbands occasionally, but tears socks off most of the time. She eats a lot of tiny pieces of people food, and some baby food too. She can drink out of a sippy cup just fine, and still nurses a few times a day (I pump once a day). She loves crawling into tiny places, and I LOVE taking pictures of her:) She fell asleep holding her foot once.
Videos of Ellie: She got a balloon: A day at our house: She loves swinging: Pizza night! Jay went to a football party that was super fun. He also learned how to play Pokemon (cards) and has been super excited about it ever since. (Notice how he sits pretty much anytime he is concentrating).

Sunday, March 12, 2017

January fun

Forgot about this post...So I decided to post it. We had a great New Years. Le also started teething pretty badly.

March already

Pictures from March Jay with his "How" and his 120th day shirt;
More dress up. Dress like a book character day: Cows that type. Ellie in red for Dr. Suess's birthday