Sunday, December 16, 2018

Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma S

So much fun with family for this Early Christmas. The drive down...
The family/neighborhood Christmas party was very fun! Looking for the pickle was hilarious
We opened presents on Sunday.
At church today she was jamming in the Aisle too!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ellie 2 1/2

Ellie will be 2 1/2 this week. Here are some highlights from the last month or so: I love doing her hair and picking her outfits!
Sometimes, she has meltdowns...but they are still pretty cute! We have opinions about things like food:
She likes living dangerously: She loves going to Ami her babysitters house, and especially loves DOGS!
She is very active and loves to play
Aaannddd...sometimes a little over-dramatic!
She runs down to me after playing in church every time and says "I did IT!". She makes so many people smile (even when she is being naughty). She is kind of a picky eater, but will still try daddy's meat. She sleeps for 1.5-3 hours each day and goes to bed between 8-9 pm. She loves singing and will sit still for me to do her hair- only when I let her watch on my phone. She is a stinker at bedtime, but every morning she walks to the edge of the garage and says "Hello World!"

Halloween pictures and the start of November

I wanted our family to be Alvin and the Chipmunks for Halloween, but when I realized Andy would be gone for a bunch of the events, I let them pick their own costumes. Jay's "Flametrooper" was 70% at Target last year, Andy's "Bumblebee" was free from my cousin, and Ellie's "Doc McStuffins" was .99 at Goodwill on half price day.
Even though our whole teacher crew were bumblebees, I dressed as Waldo.
Ellie was SUPER excited to go: We had a party the Friday Night before Halloween and had "Twisted Tacos" with Chicken-bacon-ranch, regular, and regular chicken. We also had taco dessert with waffles.
We went trick or treating and attended a bunch of events with Erica and Cody and Noah and Emme.
Andy started going with Trish to Wrestling. He is learning some moves: Sometimes, we just watched the leaves fall: The kids have been participating a lot in church: Jay and Andy have been enjoying school: