Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tis the season....

Is anyone else making peach shakes with the seasonal fruit?

Here is a picture of my new car that someone asked about earlier:)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Technology Expands....

your pocketbook:)

I am in the process of making this poster for my classroom. It is taking me a while doing freehand, and coloring in the letters, but it is worth it.
Check out the details and see if you can figure out who is in the letters "L" and "G".

Here is how technology expanded my pantry today:)
I got all this free using coupons, store deals, and INFO that I found on my favorite blogs (see side blog-list). Yippee!

The cards are from a deal they are running at Safeway. Buy 3 get $3 off (these are the .99 kind)
The Vive shampoo and conditioners in the back were BOGOfree at King soopers. I had a BOGOfree coupon so both ended up being free. This is kind of hard to wrap your mind around...and it sounds totally illegal...but...the computer automatically takes off the second one, and when the cashier rings up my coupon it takes off the ammount for the first one too. Technically-nothing sneaky about it. Although, some stores won't let you do it. (I haven't had good luck with it at Rite Aid) (I used 2 different coupons to get 4 free)
The Cheerios and Dove shampoo is what I am considering FREE using my $5 off any $20 purchase at Walgreen's. ($5=total cost of 2boxes Cheerios and Dove shampoo and conditioner)
All the Clean and Clear. Whoa baby. Anybody need some face wash? In order to use my $5 off $20 I did this deal, used LOTS of coupons (9 to be exact) and got $10 back in Register Rewards so all the clean and clear was free too. (The other $5 was spent on 5 more boxes of Cheerios...John goes through those like water, and $1 (after using a coupon) is a good price for a 14oz. box) I actually made $2 on the Preparation H.
Raisinetts and Nerds were what I got with my $5 off $20 in Nestle/Stoffers/lots of other random brands at King Soopers. I used the coffemate to help get to $20, and then handed them my FREE coffemate creamer coupon I signed up for a long time ago, so that was free too.
Lastly, the Wheat Thins, and Kraft dressing were free after purchasing the Koolaid packets using Kraft tear-off coupons (they are also in Aug. All You magazine). I had overage from other places so I included the Koolaid in the picture:)
I'm thinking of starting anotherblog to detail more of what I buy and how you can get the same deal. If you think you would look at a blog of my frugalness, let me know.

We miss you J.T.

...and we can't wait to see you again:)
Here is a video of our last reunion. J.T. giggles and it's so cute when he says "uncle Johnny and aunt Angie".

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back in School again!

This week I have been back at teacher meetings. It actually has been a pretty good week considering none of the teachers can get in the rooms yet, and I'm still not sure what specific classes I'm teaching. (Kids don't come back until after Labor Day) I'm very excited to get into my new lab.
Fortunately, over the last couple of weeks, I have been purchasing a few extra school supplies to have in my classroom for cheap or free. Today I found out we have and "allowance" at school and most of our classroom supplies come from that allowance. My goal is to STRETCH that allowance to get the most stuff possible for my kiddos to use at school.
I really liked the coupons that can be printed from here

I bought some fun colored markers from Walgreen's for personal use (originally 14.99, on sale for 6.99 and coupon from that website above for 3.00 off). I got a 24 pk (not a 36 pk like in the picture)

Walgreen's has a 39cents sale going on with lots of school supplies for 39cents.
I'll try to post again soon when I get a chance.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Katherine the Diva

We had a few friends over, and since it was rainy Katherine (14mo I think) wore her raincoat and some sweet black boots. She was so much fun to play with, and before they left, she wanted me to read her a book. Oh for cute!

If you want to see more of Katherine, check out her blog here
If you want to see her dance, this is pretty cute:)

A few days ago I wrote this...

(Today it is rainy and I'm only doing housework...but when I look at this I am happy again!)
Today was a great day.
I got to drive my new car around.
I got a free extra (recyclable) bag (with goodies in it) for teacher appreciation at Office Depot.
I got 4 bags of Hershey's bliss chocolate with a 1.00 overage after coupons and rebate.
I just got a call saying I won a free pizza from Pizza Hut in a drawing at Office Depot from the other day. (Ooh, and Office Depot has a 10 pk of Crayola markers and a 4pk of glue sticks for .50 each (limit 2 each)
I won a free music download from Dove. You can play here
I got free PanteenPro-V samples, and a free Good Housekeeping magazine in the mail.
I got an e-mail from Victoria's Secret with free $20 when you order something online. I picked a $15 shirt, and after S&H I am paying 1.00.
I won a free 8x8 photo book and free shipping from one of the sweepstakes I signed up for.
I got some fun e-mails from people and comments on my blog.
Did I mention I was driving my new car? :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Vacation continued and ended.

Back to the last bit of cool pictures I have from when my family was out here visiting.
Caleb got to hang out with John and...
drive cars on his face,

play drums with him,

and be a track star.

Here is the rest of us attempting to be track stars:

We also went for a drive and saw some crazy clouds:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Price is Right

I went to a few garage sales this morning and found some GREAT stuff. Then I went to Staples and Office Depot, where it was teacher appreciation day, and I got breakfast and lots of free stuff (including a 512 flash drive-which I forgot to put in the picture). I also went to Ace Hardware and Goodwill (50% off sale) before heading home.
If you can think of this post like the game "The Price is Right". Come up with a price of how much you think it is worth...then adjust it down to my frugalness, and see if you are right:)

First Group: "Teaching Stuff"

Grand Total: .95

Second group: "Scrap booking Supplies"
This includes a brand new album, refill cover pages, A punch, stamps, lots of ink pads and a Rubbermaid to put it in:)

Price: 5.00

Third Group: Things related to clothes/exercise.
19 clothing items, exercise video,jump rope, aundry hamper, and some hangers. These are NICE clothes too: The Limited, Banana Republic, GAP, Old Navy....

Clothes Total: 9.50

Fourth Group: Camping Stuff
Two Eddie Bauer camping chairs with foot rests, 4 tiki torches, a waterproof jacket, and backpack.

Total: 8.00

Did you get any right?
Please ignore that I have my eyes closed in that last picture.
Here...I am modeling the blue sweater and tan pants...and I am smiling (even though it still isn't a good picture.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The most Insane test-drive ever!

Today we went out looking for cars for me (mine isn't doing so well).
When we hit HEAVY rain going to our second location to look at a car, we contemplated canceling...but decided to drive it anyway (what better way to check out a 4-wheel drive than in the elements?)
Well, it started out raining lightly...then it started pouring.
We found out during our test drive that there was a tornado warning and that tornadoes had been spotted west of Greeley.
By the end (of our 10-min test drive) many of the streets were starting to flood on the sides. When we pulled into the dealership again the entry road was up at the doors of the car.
This guy got stuck:

We decided not to cross this intersection:

We did decide to get some food. Notice how wet John is from just running out to his truck.

Stay tuned for videos..I will upload as I can!

Here is a video on the way home with some flooding on the sides.
Here is us trying to get home:)

fun stuff

I got some fun stuff for cheap or free this week.
This is my favorite: School snacks!

After store deals, coupons and a $10 rebate, I only paid .80 for all of this! I would go into detail about how, but it was kind of time consuming to match things up and make sure I got everything correctly.
At RiteAid this week I got all this for about 1.10. (They have some pretty amazing rebates going on there this week).

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More from family vacation

(This post is a continuation of the last post about my family's trip to CO.) After we traveled up the road to Pikes peak and saw the beautiful view:

We came back down, and went to Garden of the Gods in the Springs.

I even purchased a baby backpack carrier from a garage sale that came in handy (of course I wasn't the one using it :)

After that we met up with Chad and went to Dave and Busters. That place is HUGE!

On a different note, the day before that mountainous adventure, we had John's sister and kids over and we all played outside in the sprinkler and the pool. GOOD TIMES!
The blonde one is my nephew Caleb, the Brown-haired one is John's nephew J.T.

We all had fun drinking out of the sprinkler too...

Eventually we played in the pool and ran through the sprinkler:)

Thanks to Lori for some of the pictures....and sorry about getting you in the video Kyle. It was either you or me:)

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Family comes..

I had a blast this past week entertaining family, and letting them share in the 90 degree heat wave with our non-air conditioned house:) We survived fine, and revved up a window AC unit to help cool us down.
The little man was the center of attention, but he also made everything a lot of fun.
I have a lot of great pictures, so I'm going to do "segments" of vacation every few days until I am done:)
First Segment: At a lake on the way up the mountain.
We posed for some beautiful pictures:


That's more like it:)

I taught Caleb some bad habits:) (oops!)

Caleb had a blast playing in the water.

We chased down a chipmunk even though it started raining.

I did a QUICK job in photoshop to highlight the chipmunk and Caleb.

Next segment: The rest of Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods.