Friday, August 15, 2008

A few days ago I wrote this...

(Today it is rainy and I'm only doing housework...but when I look at this I am happy again!)
Today was a great day.
I got to drive my new car around.
I got a free extra (recyclable) bag (with goodies in it) for teacher appreciation at Office Depot.
I got 4 bags of Hershey's bliss chocolate with a 1.00 overage after coupons and rebate.
I just got a call saying I won a free pizza from Pizza Hut in a drawing at Office Depot from the other day. (Ooh, and Office Depot has a 10 pk of Crayola markers and a 4pk of glue sticks for .50 each (limit 2 each)
I won a free music download from Dove. You can play here
I got free PanteenPro-V samples, and a free Good Housekeeping magazine in the mail.
I got an e-mail from Victoria's Secret with free $20 when you order something online. I picked a $15 shirt, and after S&H I am paying 1.00.
I won a free 8x8 photo book and free shipping from one of the sweepstakes I signed up for.
I got some fun e-mails from people and comments on my blog.
Did I mention I was driving my new car? :)


Anonymous said...

Ah! What a grand day!

Anonymous said...

Where's pics of your new wheels???

Quintin Jack said...

Ah! What a grand day! MOM