Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun with a Balloon

I let Jay play with a balloon while I was watching him. The video is kind of long, but he falls over part way though and realizes that playing is more fun than crying:)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Ya think he might be teething?


Monday, February 21, 2011

splish splash

Jay is taking a bath!
We put him in the big tub but he still sits in the blue tub. He loves spashing and getting to have more bubbles in the tub. He also gets to play with (EAT) toys in the tub.
Here are some photos:

It's nice when he gets clean, because I usually find food on his face from meal time during the day:)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Babies make the heart grow fonder?

I have heard people say that babies make a marriage harder. I have found the opposite to be true- Having Jay has made our marriage stronger. I told a friend and she said "That is because John helps out so much". I would have to totally agree.

Early on in marriage we avoided some of the sure-fire conflicts (messy bathroom, toilet seat issue, blanket hogging) because we have separate bathrooms, separate closets and a king size bed with separate blankets. Don't think we are weird- it is awesome.

Now that we have a baby, it seems as if everything in our marriage has more meaning, and we actually do more together. Sure we both get sick of things, and when Jay was colicky we even got sick of handing him off to each other...but we have learned so much along the way. I'm sure things will change even more if we have more kids.

I told John the other day that I appreciate that he listens to what I have to say when I give him recommendations about Jay (how/what to feed him, how to engage him in learning). He said: "Well, you read the books and websites about babies so that I don't have to. I just listen to what you say."

On the other hand, when I had 2 snow days in a row a while back- I was going crazy trying to figure out why Jay was being fussy or why he didn't like specific things. John was totally calm and said "you just have to do this, and do this and then he will like it". Hmmm. I am so glad he is home with Jay and can tell me those things.

Our latest argument is about what is grossest: baby snot, baby poop, or sweaty feet. We definitely disagree with each other, but we get past that too:)
Here is Jay and I with the Chocolates John got me for Valentines Day.

Jay has gone on a walk every day this week! He lOVES it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Monster Wall

We made a trip to Babies R Us today and although John and Jay were sick of shopping after about 10 min. I still got to look around. After browsing the clearance section for a while I found something I have been wanting for the past year (but never found them cheap enough or cute enough)...Monster wall decals.
I think they are adorable.
It is a set of numbers and monsters in green and bluish colors. Here is how it ended up looking on my wall:
(The colors of the wall look different because of the camera angle and lighting and the letters are his initials)
When I let Jay touch them he was fascinated with #2's googly eyes.
I think he likes them almost as much as me:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

High Chair Silliness

One of my favorite times of night is when John or I feed Jay baby food and try to get him to laugh so that we can shove the food in his mouth.
Here he just finished getting rice cereal (with pears) in (or around) his mouth.

Good times.

Friday, February 4, 2011

my workout buddy

...well, not really- but he helps sometimes.
On Wednesday I worked up a sweat playing peek-a-boo running all over the place to hide from him, and then at night he became my sit-up coach:

He looks under-impressed.
I do have some workout goals in place though:I start Rec. VB once a week this week until April. I do workout club at school at least once a week (a lot of the time it is like circuit training- which is good for strength). I plan on running a 5K in April, and I am running the Colfax Marathon in May (well- I am running the 5 person RELAY marathon, so it will probably be around 6 miles). It looks pretty cool: Colfax Marathon Relay
Here is another fun picture. Jay actually has hair now, so we tried to comb it into a Mohawk, but he was kind of squirmy:)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day Shenanigans

Wow, this is my 400th post!
So we did have a snow day today (more because of cold temps than anything else). I was surprised at how much trouble Jay got into with me on baby duty.
Grabbing at stuff in the fridge:

I put him down for a nap and came back 5 min later to check on him and found his arm stuck in his PJ's.

He got stuck in a Rubbermaid container:

Then he kept flipping over on the changing table. I call this his GQ pose.

And he definitely loves the dishwasher!