Friday, February 4, 2011

my workout buddy

...well, not really- but he helps sometimes.
On Wednesday I worked up a sweat playing peek-a-boo running all over the place to hide from him, and then at night he became my sit-up coach:

He looks under-impressed.
I do have some workout goals in place though:I start Rec. VB once a week this week until April. I do workout club at school at least once a week (a lot of the time it is like circuit training- which is good for strength). I plan on running a 5K in April, and I am running the Colfax Marathon in May (well- I am running the 5 person RELAY marathon, so it will probably be around 6 miles). It looks pretty cool: Colfax Marathon Relay
Here is another fun picture. Jay actually has hair now, so we tried to comb it into a Mohawk, but he was kind of squirmy:)


Lori said...

Wow!! Nice job with the goals!! Very impresive.
I used to do the sit up thing with Caleb all the time too. :)

LOVE the picture of Jay. His baby blues are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Jay looks like he's giving
you his support,
Cute hair.
G-ma N