Saturday, February 12, 2011

Monster Wall

We made a trip to Babies R Us today and although John and Jay were sick of shopping after about 10 min. I still got to look around. After browsing the clearance section for a while I found something I have been wanting for the past year (but never found them cheap enough or cute enough)...Monster wall decals.
I think they are adorable.
It is a set of numbers and monsters in green and bluish colors. Here is how it ended up looking on my wall:
(The colors of the wall look different because of the camera angle and lighting and the letters are his initials)
When I let Jay touch them he was fascinated with #2's googly eyes.
I think he likes them almost as much as me:)


Anonymous said...

They are really cute
and make the room even
cuter! MOM

Dan and Sarah said...

How fun! I saw some great scrap book paper last weekend that had those same kind of monsters on it and the same colors - it made me think of you!