Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun with a Balloon

I let Jay play with a balloon while I was watching him. The video is kind of long, but he falls over part way though and realizes that playing is more fun than crying:)


Ruby said...

Oh. My . GOSH!!! So cute!!! *Goes out and buys balloon*

Anonymous said...

This is really cute!
I love it when he falls over
and then starts playing again.
G-ma N

Dan and Sarah said...

Was that Baby Einstein Farm playing it the background? Rebecca only watched that video about 200 times! Very Cute!

Angie said...

Yeah it is totally Baby Einstien "On the Farm" :)
I like it better than the other ones. Plus Jay only says "da da" and I've given up on "ma ma" and now I'm shooting for him to say "mooo" (for a cow sound) next:)