Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My favorite sites for when you are bored...

Here are some funny sites to check out if you are bored. Caution, most of them are clean most of the time, but sometimes there are things that are not appropriate for kids.

1. Awkward Family Photos. Sometimes you have to look closely for why it is awkward...but it is always funny. Hint: look under the lady in brown pants.

2. Cakewrecks. When Professional Cakes go horribly wrong. The writers of the blog are hilarious, so besides looking at the pictures, read the commentary. The Flash Drive cake is one of my favorites.
Their caption "Face it: that wee lil' intestinal section is totally smiling at you."

3. I can has a Cheeseburger. The language is literal, so sometimes you have to read it like a cat would.

4.Passive Aggressive notes. Random notes that people have found posted around the universe.
Crazy example.

5. Lovely Listings. Odd finds in real estate listings. This pictures was listed on a site!

Other sites that are fun but I don't have time to look at:
It Made My Day.
There I fixed it
My First Fail
Item not as described


Lori said...

I love this post waay too much!!! :) My favorite is the Passive Aggressive notes!!!! Phaahahahaha!

Clare said...

I love Passive Aggressive Notes! I read that one too!