Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random thoughts

I haven't posted in a while but nothing much is up. Here are some random thoughts.

VB update: We are now 9-1. Team that beat us had 2 jump-servers and they were very good. We are now preparing for the finals next week. Still having a great time.

Thoughts from Colorado: GO BRONCOS! Yep. 3-0. Rock on.
All over the news lately has been the reports about man living in Denver who is a suspected terrorist who bought supplies to make a bomb or something at various beauty supply stores. Crazy.

Thoughts about School-Health: H1N1 seems to be hitting everywhere in CO lately. I have been washing my hands after every class lately just to be safe. I heard on the radio that when any sickness comes the people most likely to get sick are: #1 People that work with kids, and #2 People that work with computers. As a Technology teacher...and a computer lab full of kids...I am probably prone to get sick.

Thoughts about school-Money:
There are all kinds of ways to give money to the school you support. Even if you don't have kids in school-support a school! In this economy schools need all the money they can get. Even though I am a teacher, I didn't really do anything extra until my sister told me to start saving Box Tops for Education. Now I save Tyson Chicken bag tops, Campbell's soup labels, Box Tops for Education, and I entered my Safeway receipt online (this promotion goes until Oct. 13 and details are HERE) and got $10.38 for my school. Please save these things and turn them to the office of whatever school you support:)

Other than that...fall just blew in! Time for Pumpkin, coats, and crazy costumes.

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Anonymous said...

I've been washing my hands and using antibacterial stuff all the time. We have HINI in school, but I'm not too worried-you have to be a sickly person to get too sick with it.
Yes it seems like fall has blown in. We have tons of wind.