Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beef and Bean Day 2012

It was Beef and Bean Day in our small town. I decided to take the boys to the parade and to see the helicopter. Jay thought the parade was awesome. He said "Hi to people" and thought the fact that they threw candy at him was awesome. He was mesmerized by the local band that played. We rode a barrell train and got to the football field just in time for the helicopter to land. I think Jay thought it was a great suprise because he didn't even know we were going. Andy had more fun at home but was surprisingly good hanging out in the double stroller.


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures!
Andy is smiling so cute and I
love Jay's wave to the band director.
I like your new top picture,too!
G-ma N

Clare & Tim said...

I love that there is a town that has Beef and Bean day. That's hilarious. A town near us has a Hot Ham and Cheese day. Who comes up with this stuff?! :-)