Friday, June 5, 2009


It was a perfect night for a campfire. There were no fire restrictions (yeah, we have those a lot in Colorado), it was about 72 degrees and the sun was just going down. We built the fire, got out the chairs and went back inside to get bug spray and more clothes. We picked up the smores stuff from the counter...

...and we looked outside. The rain had just started.

I thought it might let up soon, but John said we needed to pack up and go inside. I'm glad I listened because a great lighting storm erupted soon after.
I like this video because of what the news says in the background and because of the lighting that happens after 25 seconds.

This thunderstorm is actually a good thing for me because ever since the Tornado I get nervous when the dark clouds billow and the winds pick up. This time I was able to enjoy the lightning like I used to.

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Clare said...

Just seeing the bag of marshmallows in reference to smores makes me drool. They are the best campfire food ever. What am I saying, they are the best food ever!