Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas time fun

Kid Christmas Picture:
This Christmas we first spent some time with the Shalers.
Ellie was a hit at the annual Christmas Party, and we all had a great time. While at home, we did our own family Christmas presents. I love this photo of Andy...He is super pumped...but happy at the same time.
Our 3 kids!
Presents. Jay was super excited about his Von Miller Jersey and his "playbook" football. Andy loved his "big-eyed-stuffy" and his ninja gear, Ellie got a chew toy and a bath mat (and loved to play with the wrapping paper and boxes). John and I exchanged pajama pants and a few other things we were needing anyway.
Then soon after that, we headed to Iowa. Road Trippin...
We stopped at our (what is now semi-annual) hotel with a waterslide and had a ton of fun.
When we got there the cousins were inseparable and we had a ton of fun with Grandma and Grandpa too.
On the way home, Jay drank his entire water bottle in 5 min. So this happened. Also the sunset on the way home was beautiful.
What a great Christmas season!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures!
Miss you guys!
Love yah!
G-ma N