Thursday, January 7, 2010

16 1/2 weeks

Well, I made it this far. I am finally starting to feel fat.
My favorite part about this week is that I am getting a chance to wear all the pregnancy clothes I got for Christmas. Maternity pants are comfortable!

I am back to teaching this week. Things are going good and most of the kids now know why I am getting fatter, or why I am eating during class.

I felt very sick one night this week and took a pill to help me sleep. It did wonders and I have been able to survive with one a day since. After 5pm is when I feel the most nauseous because the pill has worn off.

In preparation for the baby, John and I bought a dresser and put it in our bedroom. We are going to have to share a room for our clothes so the baby can have a room:)

That's about it for now.


Dan and Sarah said...

Looking good Ang! I hated the stage from about 15-25 weeks only because I felt fat and not really pregnant. Until I really had a true baby bump I just wanted to wear a sticker that said I was pregnant and not just fat for all the stranger who looked at me :)

Anonymous said...

You look good. I can't see that you're bigger yet.
Nice clothes.

Leslie said...

You are so cute! I remember that awkward phase where I just felt fat. Actually let me take that back. I almost always felt fat when I was pregnant. The worst was when I was too big for my regular clothes, but then much of the maternity clothes were too big. That was when I got a lot of strange looks from people who were trying to figure out if I truly was pregnant, or if I was just getting fat really fast. Enjoy this time. I am so excited for you both.

Lori said...

Yay for baby bump pictures!!

Yay for preggy pants!

I wore mine for quite a while afterward. Actually, I still see moms with 1 year olds wearing their pregnancy pants. You see why now? :)

Love those balls on the wall. Gosh, who MADE those ridiculously good looking things?
Oh, and the dresser does go really well with everything. I love the colors (or lack thereof) in your bedroom. So clean-looking.

Anonymous said...

um, that love for maternity pants does not leave, i think. for John's sake, please refuse the urge to wear them all the time after the baby is born. :)
P.s. john, you're welcome.