Friday, January 15, 2010

17 1/2 weeks

I had a little bit of time after the 1st graders were lined up at my door before their teacher came to get them today. I decided to tell them that I was going to have a baby. "Oooooooh." They said. They asked if it was a boy or a girl. I said I didn't know yet...what did they think? One boy stared at my stomach (about 3 feet away from me) for a good 15 seconds and said "it's a boy". Another girl said "because your a girl- it will be a girl". They were hilarious.

What has changed for me this week?
-I have had a lot of headaches (mostly at night)- sinus related I think.
-My back gets tired from standing all day on my long days.
-I don't find myself craving food, but I find myself thinking about specific foods...and I can't stop thinking about them...which I think means I am hungry (or the baby is).
-Meat still doesn't sound good, but I am eating pretty healthy and I am eating more than I was the last few weeks:)
-Heartburn is still an issue. I have a bag of Lindt chocolates on the counter that I haven't touched, and I decided to try one tonight to see if it gave me heartburn. YEP! No more chocolates for me;)
-I have had more good days than bad. A few nights this week I have been able to continue functioning until 7:30-8:00! Other nights (because of the nausea) I am in bed by five laying down, and asleep before 8:45. I can tell when my pill wears off on those days.
-I am definitely showing. One of my guy teacher friends asked me if I ate too many french frys:)
-I started to exercise a little bit. Mostly walks.
-I stopped feeling sorry for myself (because of all the nausea). IF it ever goes away...GREAT! but if it continues...even thought I feel crappy, I can't be crabby:)

What else is new? John is busy with school. He is taking some Psychology classes, a history class, a philosophy class and a research class.


content2be said...

You look soooo cute pregnant, Angie. Totally loving the white maternity sweater. My nausea wore off at 18 weeks last pregnancy, so I hope the same for you. Ugh. It can be very miserable. Have you felt the baby move yet? Best wishes!

Lori said...

You are SOOO cute!!! :))))
I love your shirt too.

Anonymous said...

Junior is starting to show!
You look good.

Crystal Escobar said...

Ahh what a cute little belly.
I just came across your blog somehow :) just looking for other moms to connect with. I have a blog I recently started, all about my life as a mom. Come visit sometime.