Friday, October 22, 2010

Here comes fall...

Jay in the beautiful leaves:
Today we decided to go to the pumpkin patch. We chose the time that it would be least likely to rain. We arrived all bundled up and ready for cool weather...BUT the pumpkin patched was closed.

I called two friends to ask them where another pumpkin patch was. Ironically they were both IN different pumpkin patches at that minute. We drove for a while and followed some signs until we found another pumpkin patch that was open.

Two minutes before we stopped the car it started raining. Since we drove all that way, we decided to brave the rain and hang out in the pumpkin patch anyway. (Luckily Grandma brought her umbrella and her raincoat!) We hung out in the field a while and picked out some pumpkins. We also got some great pictures which is pretty surprising, because all the pictures were of us and Jay standing out in the rain. The adorable outfit that grandma gave him got all dirty, but we had a blast!


Anonymous said...

What a cute little pumpkin!
The pics are adorable.
Can't even see the rain.
G-ma N

Chelsea Ellingson said...

Is that Tigges Farm? We totally went there today too, but it wasn't until after 3 ish. Rainy days are cool, but the lighting for pictures is perfect. He makes an adorable pumpkin!

Lori said...

Jay can definitely rock a hat!! He is soooo cute! :)


Dan and Sarah said...

He looks so cute! He is growing up into such a cute little boy. Any chance you will be in NW IA for Thanksgiving??