Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby shower and 31-wk prenatal appointment

My friends at school threw a baby shower for me on Wed. I was really excited because I love showers, and this one was for me:) We played some games and ate some salads and snacks, and one of my co-workers made a beautiful cake (that had strawberry filling and tasted fabulous)! I love my friends at school. They are willing to answer all my silly pregnancy questions and share their thoughts and advice. They celebrate the little things with me and I celebrate the triumphs in their lives too.
I enjoyed opening gifts, and I had even more fun looking at them in detail at home and showing John. My favorites were the outfits, some Smartwool booties and cap, some cute books, and little rattle toys.

Here is another 31 weeks picture. This is my new favorite shirt (from the Walmart clearance section for $3. It wasn't a maternity shirt either).

I had an ultrasound today to make sure the baby was growing well (they were concerned when I wasn't gaining weight). He is! He is 3 pounds 10 oz, and is in the 42 percentile for this age of growth. We got to see him doing a sucking/chewing motion on the ultrasound which was a lot of fun. His umbilical cord was by his face, but we still got a couple of profile 4D pictures. (And I can watch the DVD as much as I want:) He is face and feet up and butt down- which means he is breech right now. I kind of expected that because of how he was moving/kicking. They say there is plenty of time for him to turn before 36 weeks. Then if he hasn't flipped they will have the doctor try manually flip him from the outside. I'll try to scan some ultrasound pictures in tomorrow night.

Next I had my regular apt. with my midwife. Guess what? I gained over 6 lbs in 2 weeks! My midwife was happy and so was John. That gives me about 9lb total so far, which isn't a lot, but is way more on track than I was before! I measured right on.

After that John and I met with the Doctor that I would have if anything were to go wrong. The midwifes will probably take care of everything, but in case of emergency he lives 5 min. from the hospital and they call him. I don't think most midwife patients do the "meet the doctor" thing, but I just felt like I would really like to put a name with a face and chat for few minutes in case I would need: c-section, forceps delivery, stitching on a bad tear, etc. It was a very pleasant conversation...and if all goes well I won't ever have to see him again:) Then again, if our baby doesn't turn on his own, we may be seeing him in a little over a month.

To celebrate John and I went to a local pizza place with a friend who's wife is due (with their second child) in 2 weeks. We talked kid stuff and ate amazing pizza.

I feel so blessed. On the other hand, my friend at school who is also pregnant is experiencing some major issues in her pregnancy (I think she is 24-25 weeks along). I have spent many moments today praying for her and her baby- hoping things will be OK.

We started "childbirth classes" but I will talk more about those next week:)


Anonymous said...

I want to see a picture of John wearing that "sympathy belly" belt or whatever it is, that he told me about!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun shower.
Sounds like a great appointment!
Keep growing!
We'll be praying for your friend.

content2be said...

I can't believe you've only gained 9 lbs! Ugh. I gained that in the first trimester! I'm ballooning out again. Best wishes, April!