Monday, April 5, 2010

29 weeks

I am now 29 weeks. I have another appointment on Thursday to see if I gained weight, but I'm sure I have. With Easter dinner and all the snacking we did with my family around it was fun to eat what I wanted and not feel guilty.

I have been feeling the baby a lot now. For a while this weekend he must have been turned funny because he was kicking down towards my pelvis and towards my back. I think he may have shifted a little since then. I also have had trouble sleeping in the morning hours. When I get up to go to the bathroom between 4-5 he wakes up and when I lay back down he kicks and kicks so I can't sleep anymore. Since then I have been getting up at like 5 or 5:30. My nephews who were visiting were still on Nebraska time so they got up at that time too. It was a lot more fun waking up to this and this:

I got so much done over spring break for baby!

-We got a changing table (we haven't set it up yet) and ordered the crib.
-We got a car seat/stroller combo.
-We bought a rocker/glider and ottoman.
-We found some cute toys, clothes and other stuff at Walmart ($3.00 for 2 footsie sleepers), Goodwill (A piano toy with beats and music for .99), Toys R Us (Lullaby Gloworm for $2.99 after coupon), and Once upon a child (Fridge farm animal toy), Babies R Us (A breast friend for $17.90 after clearance price with a $4.00 discount),
-John got quite a ways on the fence in our yard
-I am reaping the benefits of a sister who likes to make baby stuff:
Bibs extra clothes or diaper/wipes holder giraffe and onsie with giraffe Pants and elf hats and a My Dad Rocks onsie:) Can you believe she made that?! Awesome.
-Our pack n play worked great for my nephew to sleep in!
-We found out that most of the baby gates out there don't fit our stairs so we have to figure that out
-A small foldable stroller that came in the mail as a gift
Thanks so much to the family and friends that got some of these as gifts for us. We are so thankful and excited. Now I feel much more ready than one week ago!

Random things about being pregnant that I haven't read about yet:
-When I blow my nose there is a little blood at least once a day. Normal??
-I don't have to wash my hair. Seriously it looks good and never greasy. I haven't washed it for 5-6 days and it still looks fine. I'm washing it tomorrow though:)
-Even though I am tired, I can get up early and function fine as if my body is getting ready for a newborn
-There is some new fact or new research about pregnancy/birth/newborns on the news at LEAST once a week that I never really paid attention to before
-Having other people cook for me makes me more happy than I can ever imagine. Especially when they leave leftovers!
-I feel a lot better when I take my time eating meals. Average is now 45-60 min:)
-Having family and friends with kids or grand kids to help shop for the big items makes a big difference. I just know what color pattern I like:)

I hope to post again tonight or tomorrow about the visit from the family:)


Davina Perret said...

I had to buy a shower cap when pregnant with Camille because my hair looked awesome after 3 days of not washing! Alas, it doesn't last. So enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I had the nosebleed thing too--it has something to do with b/c your body is sending more blood to your uterus for baby, it ends up getting "beefed" up in other places too such as the tiny blood vessels in your nose;) CRAZY, isn't it! Glad you're feeling a bit better at times, wish you only had the nosebleed thing to deal with instead of all your naseau.