Saturday, May 1, 2010

Field Trip at 32 weeks:)

Should I go on a field trip over an hour away from school while at 32 weeks pregnant? I say- hey why not? Others were more skeptical. Once I told them I wasn't staying overnight on the aquarium floor everyone was better about it.
SO... went on the class trip with my 8th graders to the Zoo and to the Aquarium this week. I organized the whole thing, I thought I should go:)
Last year I had an amazing time and was able to stay overnight in the aquarium with the kids. (see that post HERE.)
This year I went to the zoo and the aquarium restaurant, but slept at home before continuing the rest of the trip the next day. It was snowing when we got up in the morning and I was imagining the worst, but it just ended up being cloudy and a bit cold at the zoo- not too bad:)
Here are some pictures from the day. I cropped out all of the kids because of school rules. The big animals were great, but it was easier to get pictures of the small animals during the educational class we took.

This morning (Saturday) I considered going to some garage sales to find some baby stuff, but I felt very nauseous and looked at my big mess around the house (John and I have been working a lot lately) and decided to stay home and clean/rest. It was worth it because I took the best nap ever.

Insurance Tangent: Skip it if it sounds boring:)
I looked into insurance for baby again on Friday. I understand that you can't get insurance for the baby until they are born (and have a SS card). I also understand that baby is covered under my insurance for 30 days after he is born- but I don't want to be shopping around at that point in time. I want to get quotes to find out if it would be better to get baby individual insurance instead of putting him on my group plan. I'm pretty sure individual insurance will be cheaper for a similar plan, but the insurance companies won't even give me a quote. Before they could even talk to me about it they made sure I was less than 60 days until due date. Then they said I could call back when I was 30 days until due date or less. WHAT? Babies come early sometimes! (Not that I am planning on that, but I am saying it could happen). I also looked into a lot of state funded insurance and find out we make a little bit to much money to participate in those. I also didn't enjoy trying to have my questions answered by the state funded insurance call center. (I was on hold for a long time and the person I talked to didn't speak clear English and wasn't very friendly) Under the state funded insurance we wouldn't even be able to apply until the baby didn't have any insurance (after the 30 days) and the application takes 45 days to process so I'm kind of glad that option doesn't work for us.

Only 3 weeks of school left till summer! I know it will be a crazy 3 weeks, but it will be worth it.


Anonymous said...

The zoo looks fun.
Glad you could sleep at home.
Good luck with insurance.
It's a pain and cost too much.

Lori said...

Love the fish picture. :) They look like you are bothering them, aye? Also, you don't look very big on your front pictures but the one by the fish you look big!

Christine said...

Looks like a fun trip! I checked out the link to the post where you stayed in the aquarium. I can't believe you slept under sharks. Chad and I will have to come up for a visit soon.

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