Wednesday, May 26, 2010

External Version scheduled for TOMORROW!

I saw my midwife again today. Baby is still breech and at 36 1/2 weeks, it is more unlikely that he will flip on his own. I knew that we would be scheduling an external version for 37 weeks, but the doctor at my practice will be going on a vacation during my 37th week, so they decided to push it up to before he leaves...which means it is happening TOMORROW at 5:30.
Here is what Frank Breech looks like:

Here is what External Version means:(from
"Babies who are still breech near term are unlikely to turn on their own. So if your baby is still bottom down at 37 weeks, your caregiver should offer to try to turn your baby to the more favorable head-down position, assuming you're an appropriate candidate.

This procedure is known as an external cephalic version (ECV). It's done by applying pressure to your abdomen and manually manipulating the baby into a head-down position.

ECV has about a 58 percent success rate in turning breech babies (and a 90 percent success rate if the baby is in a transverse lie.) But sometimes a baby refuses to budge or rotates back into a breech position after a successful version. ECV is more likely to work if this isn't your first baby." More info HERE.

Other things about the procedure: It will take place at the hospital, I will be hooked up to IV, and baby will be monitored by heart rate and ultrasound. They will give me a muscle relaxer- which might make me jittery. If the baby is in distress they will need to do an immediate c-section. My midwife put me at ease a little by saying that she hasn't seen that happen in her experience. If the external version works and baby flips, we are on track for a regular delivery when he is ready to come. If it doesn't work, they schedule a c-section for 39 weeks.

I feel a little like a deer in headlights right now. I got the call as I was picking up some things from Target today. My mind was racing so much that I forgot to pick up the pictures I ordered. John's response was a giddy "oh my goodness".

Other things about my appointment: I am measuring right on, I gained 1/2 a lb. and I tested positive for the Group B strep test, which means I will need antibiotics from the hospital before I have the baby. (10-30 of pregnant women test positive for it) more info HERE.

In other pregnancy thoughts, I had a horrible night on Monday night. I had a wrenching pain in my mid-lower back on the right hand side. I was pretty sure it wasn't labor pains, because the pain spread to the abdomen- but it wasn't a crampiness that came and went. I spent a lot of the night groaning and trying labor positions to make it stop hurting. Finally I took a nausea pill, and used a heating pad which seemed to help. Yesterday I took it VERY easy, and today I feel pretty good. NO IDEA what that was all about.

OK, well...time to pack my hospital bags just in case I need to stay. OH MY GOODNESS.
I hope the external version works, but if it doesn't it won't be so bad. I'll try to post again soon to let you know how it went.
Here is a cute picture from the weekend:


Kt said...

I'm sure you've probably already tried all the natural ways - but I know my practice said to try accupuncture, chiropractor, and some other natural tricks (putting an ice pack at the top of your belly, and a heating pad at the lowest part of your belly for a couple hours). The last one might be something you could try tonight or in the morning just to see if it works!

Anonymous said...

We will be praying that things go well tomorrow! You are so prepared. We hope the baby turns for you! Judy Hulstein

Anonymous said...

We'll be praying it goes well.
But it'll be fine either way.
Starting to get excited--it's getting closer, :)

Dan and Sarah said...

My external version went well. She wasn't too big and there was room to move around. It's not a comfortable procedure - you'll get to practice your labor breathing techniques to help you relax. After Rebecca was turned I did have some bleeding so they kept me in the hospital, but my water never broke so I was released the next day. Rebecca had a bruised head and fat lip when she was born which was from the version - I called them her "war wounds" from birth, it made her look tough :) We'll be praying everything goes well!

Nicole said...

Hi Angie, you probably feel a little violated today and awkward after having them shove your tummy around. Just remember when it's all over you will have a little baby who will make you forget this all ever happened :) Nervous and excited for you!