Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garage Sales and 33 wk apt.

I went to some garage sales this morning and found some great deals.
I saw this Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling set in a magazine a while back and thought it was so cute. Then I found the whole set today at a garage sale for .50! (I looked online and new it is $25) I love it!

I also got a shelf with pullout type drawers that has days of the week on it. I can turn the drawers around to be just plain fabric too. It looks so cute and will come in handy for storage.

I also found some short sleeved maternity tops, a waterproof mattress pad that covers the crib mattress, a few clothes and burp cloths for baby, and a lamp for the baby room. Oh, and I got a baby bathtub for free:) I wasn't sure if I would use one, so I never registered for it, but hey- if I can get it for free I will use it.

33 week apt.
They say I am very healthy because my blood pressure is great. My belly measured right at 33 weeks along. I didn't gain any weight this time again, so they are making me eat more. After last time when I gained a good amount of weight I cut back on MAKING myself eat before bed and being sure I had a lot of protein, but I guess I will start that up again:)
Baby is still breech but has time to flip. At 36 weeks if he hasn't flipped they will decide if they want to try and manually flip him. Baby is moving around a lot (I guess just side to side and moving his hands and legs a lot). John felt baby when he was most active the other day and got the biggest smile on his face.
It seems like if he is not moving I want him to move so I know he is still doing good, but when he moves a lot (especially at night) it makes me so nauseous and I want him to stop moving:)
I asked my midwife if I could take my nausea medication during labor because I envision the pain making me even more nauseous. She said YES and they could even give it to me through IV!

I am ready to meet our little man. I really need to pack a hospital bag and write up my "birth plan" which is really just a few ideas that might be nice if they happen to go that way:)


Christine said...

It looks like you got some great deals Angie! We will have to go garage saleing together once I am done with my exams only 2 more weeks! Glad you appointment went well. Have a good rest of the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good deals.
Wish I could go garage saling with you.
Keep eating.