Thursday, May 27, 2010

it didn't work...

Today the hospital called at 1:00 to move the time for the external version up to 4:30, and then I was supposed to be there at 3:45 for all the admittance things. We got there on time and I got hooked up to IV and answered a ton of questions. They monitored the baby's heartbeat and my contraction for over 20 min. I didn't have too many contractions and they weren't that big. Baby's heartbeat was usually in the 140's.

By the time we were done with everything and ready it was 4:45. Too bad the Dr. and Midwife didn't show up until the original time of 5:30. It was quite boring in the room (John actually fell asleep in the chair while we were waiting for the Doctor). When they did come we went over a bunch of procedural stuff, I signed some forms and they oiled my belly up for movement. They used an ultrasound machine to check baby's position and monitor his heartbeat. The doctor and midwife pushed hard on my stomach to move him. The first time they tried, they turned his head down a little bit and then he jolted it right back up. They tried again but he didn't move much. The third time they were trying they stopped and checked the heartbeat and it had gone down significantly so they decided to stop. didn't work, he is still breech.

The procedure was painful for me, but more in an very uncomfortable- need to use my breathing and relaxation techniques type of way. I didn't cry or anything. I am pretty sore right now especially on the top of my stomach where they were pushing on his head.

After that was done they monitored baby's heartbeat and my contractions again for about a 1/2 hour. It was cool to see that when my stomach was tense and I felt short of breath that my contraction numbers went up (so it was obvious I was having a contraction). John and I timed them and they were around 8 min. apart (and not painful). By the end of the time I was hooked up the contractions were less intense. Also baby went to sleep after all the craziness of the version, but he needed to show a significant "awake" movement and heart rate before they took me off monitor, so as soon as he woke up and started kicking again we were able to leave.

I was actually not to stressed throughout the entire thing. I am disappointed that it didn't work, but for some reason I kind of thought it wouldn't work even before we went in. It was worth a try. I guess the next step is to see if he flips on his own, or to schedule a c-section for 39 weeks sometime. More on that later.

By the time we were finished, I hadn't eaten in over 8 hours (because I wasn't allowed to) so we got some food and then came home. I could tell in John's face that he was disappointed too. He came home early to install the car seat "just-in-case". When we were eating tonight I asked him if he was sad. He said "yeah, I wanted it to work, or a baby" He is sooo excited to meet baby and he saw him kick a lot in my belly today. He is going to be an awesome dad.
He took a few pictures of me today. Maybe I will add one to this post tomorrow:)
Before we left: 36.5 weeks:)
At the hospital monitoring baby's heartbeat and my contractions.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, the baby will come one way or another.
You had a good attitude!
I'll still pray baby feels like turning on his own. :)

Christine said...

I thought about you today. Sorry it didn't work, but glad you are still doing well. I am getting exctied to meet baby too!

Anonymous said...

I had a bunch of people praying today for the procedure, especially that you wouldn't need a Section today because of it and that you would feel at peace during it. Sounds like the prayers worked. and....a C-Section isn't all that bad! Can't wait to meet him! Cherry

Kt said...

Hope little man decides to turn on his own - maybe he's stubborn and wants to surprise you guys!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have eyes on your belly :)

Anonymous said...

How do you manage to still look so cute when you're SO pregnant? So sorry you had to go through all that yesterday. At least now you know and can plan for his arrival. Praying all goes well! Linda

Clare & Tim said...

Just reading all that makes me feel unpleasant. And Im not even pregnant! Here's hoping he is destined to be an Olympic gymnast and flips on his own soon.