Friday, May 14, 2010

34 weeks and Twinz day

I just realized I haven't posted about 34 weeks yet.
It has kind of sucked. I have had a lot more pain in my upper stomach (the baby pushing up against my ribs), and it makes me REALLY nauseous when he moves a lot. Wednesday I took a 1/2 day off school and was frustrated to the point of tears because of how crappy I felt (nausea, stomach pain...). The last two days have been better, but I have still felt some pain. I'm pretty sure they are not contractions, just growing pains and "baby pushing up against things" pains. Part of me hopes he flipped during those painful movements...but that may just be wishful thinking.

On the other hand, it is getting closer to the time we will have a baby! I have started having dreams during the night about having a new baby in our house...and a few about how he is born- but those have odd twists and are pretty crazy:)

Now...the best part. It was Twinz day at school today. My friend Ami volunteered to be my twin and stuff a ball in her shirt to look pregnant. We decided to go as pregnant hockey players:)

People loved our costumes, and some of the younger kids in school thought she was having a baby too. Kudos to her for dressing up like the pregnant lady:)
There was also a little fair at school where each class ran a booth and all the kids had a lot of fun!
My class ran the donut eating contest again, and it went great. Luckily the weather was 60+ and sunny for that part of the afternoon, because 2 hours later it started pouring and it has been raining all night.


Kate said...

My ribs have been bothering me a lot - another pregnant friend suggested trying to encourage baby to move away from them. I gently push and move my hand from my ribs down towards my stomach. Normally, she'll respond by moving whatever was irritating them to begin with, enough that the pain at least eases up. Try it and see!

Chelsea Ellingson said...

Aw, you and Ami look great!
Hang in there with the pain/nausea. I always found that sitting up nice and tall whenever I was on a chair helped, and lying down on my side as much as possible to give the baby a little stretching room too.
BTW- I read your blog about getting nausea medicine when you are in labor- when they admitted me to the hospital with Chloe (who I was sick more with), they gave some to me in an IV and that combined with getting proper fluids in me probably for the first time my entire pregnancy made me feel GREAT- I was like giddy I felt so good- definitely a good way to start off my first labor! :-) I highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

The twinz idea is so cute!
Hope the baby takes it easy on
your ribs.