Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm in love with....

...back rubs and relaxation exercises during childbirth classes. They really calm me down and make me feel sleepy.
...cinnamon toast crunch and special K cereal mixed together before bed. Strange, but not a horrible craving to have.
...rubbing my upper belly right below my ribs. I'm pretty sure baby's head is pushing up against my ribs OR my ligaments are stretching there a LOT. OW!
...Friendly MONSTERS. I have been surfing Etsy for cute monster things every since my sister showed me what she made for baby the other day. The theme of the nursery is officially monsters (even if I will have a lot of other random stuff thrown in there).
Here is the onsie she made:
She calls it her pirate monster:) Even after looking at all these other monsters- the pirate monster is still my favorite!
I doubt I will actually buy anything even though I love all these things...but they are so fun to see (and with some of them you can only buy the pattern). The other fun part about monsters is that people make up their personalities:)
Here is what I found. Click on the words for the link where it came from:
Monster dolls

Monster baby toys

Monster baby shoes

Monster finger puppets

The caption for this next monster is: droo can't decide if the glass if half full or half empty, or if there is a glass at all. droo seeks advice.

Monster outfits

I'm also trying to figure out if I can create some canvas wall art of monsters using some of the ideas I have found. Here is one idea if I make it smaller:
This is adorable too:

Click on THIS link or the picture to see the activities inside:)
Oh for fun. Off to do something more productive now...like sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Your monsters are so cute!
What a fun theme!
Keep getting those backrubs.
Pregnant people deserve them.