Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jay's first Christmas program

Jay just started attending Sunday School a few months ago, and this week was his first week involved in the children's singing at church. John played drums and I sang during the service, so it was interesting. I got a great video during practice (a bunch of kids didn't make it in time for practice).
Andy was only up there because it was practice, and he likes to follow all the other kids around: During the actual service I video taped it and he was pretty funny. He pulled up his shirt, he danced, he turned around, he thought about hanging from the tree...but another little girl yelled "Hi Cody!" after the song, so everyone got a few giggles.

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Anonymous said...

How Cute!
He knows the word and he sang good, he just wiggled a little.:)
Good job, Jay!
G-ma N