Saturday, August 4, 2007

x-treme makeover (small-low budget-scrapbook edition)

I re-aranged my scrapbook space for the fifth time in a week. Partially because of the new additions, and partly because we hooked up another older computer in our computer room so John and I can be online at the same time. So much for sharing:)
Anyways, while my parents were here last week I learned how to use the old sewing machine they got me for free. (Thanks MOM!) Chad and John got a good deal on an office/scrapbooking chair for me at a garage sale. Then my Dad and John built me a shelf to put my stuff on. I bought another small shelf at garage sales this week. I love how my chair turns, so everything is at arms length.

Here is just a sample of what I have done.

I'm not finished with the journaling on this on yet.


Lori said...

WOW! You and chad TOTALLY look exactly like siblings in that first picture. It's crazy.

Anonymous said...

Looks really good.

JessieJo said...

Angie, I love it! I still have a few stuff set up, but I haven't been getting anything done! Once Tucker is here in a few months I'm sure I'll get to scrapbook even less. I miss you, we should hang out sometime soon! -Jess

Chad said...

You make me feel special