Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So, after my last post, I am still totatlly overwhelmed...but doing better.
At our meeting with the school nurse today we were discussing serious things like signs of abuse and neglect and the list had "acne" as one of the indications. I kind of hid my face (because I have like 6 big pimples due to all the stress of lately). My teacher friend across the table jokingly said "who's been abusing you, Angie"? I replied "the school":) I really do love my job...but there is a lot of pressure this week to get everything connected and running...and I don't know everything. Yesterday I was completely frustrated because our new printer server was working great and then 3 hours later nothing worked, and it had a conflicting IP address...(I know I totally lost most of you so I will stop the story there).
Today was a bit better. We had time to work (even though I have been getting there by 7:15am to do extra work), and some things worked right the first time! YEAH!
BUT...the highlight of every day is coaching my volleyball girls. They are excited to be there, they love being competitve and encouraging, and they respect and listen to me. I can't wait to see how far they can come this season!
I told a friend at school that no matter how frustrating a day at work can be, when I come home from volleyball it is hard to be upset. It's true. Especially when I get home and the dishes are done:)
I'll try to find more pictures to post next week.

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Anonymous said...

It's great that things are going better!