Tuesday, June 22, 2010

40 weeks

Here is my 40 weeks picture.
Thanks to Davina for fixing this maternity shirt for me. It makes me excited that I get to wear it. On that note, maybe I will try some reverse psychology...
Things that aren't so bad about being pregnant:
1. Non-greasy hair. I've mentioned it before, but my hair looks good for days without me touching it. It doesn't get greasy, or icky. Just shiny and purdy.
2. Food. It's the only time my new years resolution has been to gain weight. Yep. I can eat MORE, and it is fine. People encourage me to eat a lot(healthy food of course).
3. A never ending conversation topic. People will tell you all day about their pregnancy, labor, kids, ect. and most of the time I am interested:)
4. Presents. People are very generous and excited for baby and it is fun to get presents for the little guy.
5. Naps. I have never taken so many naps in my life and not felt guilty for it. The last few days I have gotten up on time and then have taken a morning nap and an afternoon nap. It really helps my hips because if I sleep to long at night they ache.
6. New clothes. This also is limiting (especially near the end), but it was very fun to have a new wardrobe these last 7 months- and pregnancy pants ROCK.
7. Something to look foreword to. I am a person who always needs to have something exciting on the horizon. It doesn't need to be a big trip or anything, just something to look foreword to. This is DEFINITELY some thing to look foreword to.
8. People are super nice. Yep, I have gotten discounts, smiles when crossing the parking lot, and tons of empathy glances from random strangers. It is kinda fun.
That's all I can come up with right now.
Here is a picture of me hanging out with some of my work buddies. It was a great distraction from waiting for labor to start:)

I have another appointment on Thursday, but if nothing happens this week they do a stress test next week to see if they should induce me. My leg pains are still there and annoying and painful. Contractions come and go but are not consistent or painful...so I wait:)


Anonymous said...

Waiting for the first to arrive takes so long. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Hope you find lots to do to keep your mind busy.


Chelsea Ellingson said...

Aw, I wish I could have come on Monday! My aunt and uncle were in town in Denver, so I was spending a couple of days out there. You all look so cute. Thinkin' aboutcha, I came close but never made it to 40 weeks, that's a great picture to get! :-)

Lori said...

Very cute shirt! Sorry about the leg pains. That really stinks.

ANd I LOVE the bonuses of pregnancy. It's funny how I remember those a lot easier than the bad things...