Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We have a date! The doctor's nurse called this morning and told us that they scheduled the c-section for Tuesday, June 15 at 11am.
At my appointment today they said baby is still breech, but he is doing fine. I asked a LOT of questions about the c-section procedure and what happens before and after. I also plan on attending a breastfeeding clinic thing tomorrow to get prepared on that front.
A bunch of random thoughts...
With one week left I have decided to...get together with lots of friends, do a bunch of shopping (well- coupon shopping at least), finish some last minute things for the nursery, take an infant CPR class with John, take lots of naps, and not make a big deal out of turning 30:)
After I finish some things in the nursery I hope to post pictures of it this weekend.
Here are my belly pictures from this week and last week:
38 weeks: I look kind of sick of being pregnant in this one:)

37 weeks

I changed the ticker at the top of the blog to reflect D-day (delivery day), so even though I am still at 38 weeks, it says 39 because there is one week left!

I checked out a few post-pregnancy books from the library which look good (I have already read one). One is an illustrated baby care guide, which I might take to the hospital for John to look at too.

The little man was dancing in my stomach yesterday for an hour in the afternoon and an hour in the evening. John was very surprised when he just kept moving and moving and he could feel it. It was fun...but I took a nap in between all the movement because I was tired too.


Anonymous said...

C-sections aren't so bad and you'll do great! Be thankful they know ahead of time instead of having to do it last minute. Hope and pray all goes well for you guys next week---we look forward to hearing about his arrival!


Anonymous said...

This is getting exciting!
Can't wait!

Chelsea Ellingson said...

I'll be thinking of you on June 15th!! Good luck with everything, and have fun shopping. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that they've chosen June 15th b/c that's my mom's birthday. Now I'll never forget your little guy's b-day. I'm going to have to look into that Kohl's clothing deal. I got a $10 coupon in the mail to Kohls and got Thea 2 shirts and 1 skirt for 20 cents. Anyway, good luck next week! Praying for a healthy baby and quick recovery for mom!
-Kelly S.