Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Introducing Baby "Jay"

We have a baby! John Elwood the fifth was born at 8:04 am on Wednesday. He was 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 1/4 inches long. His nickname will be "Jay".

I first want to apologize for anyone I would have loved to call to tell them the news. The phone reception here at the hospital is very bad...we are even having to write text messages and send someone to take our phones outside of the hospital to send them. Calling people consists of over half of the conversation going "can you hear me now"...
BUT our baby is here!!!I was in labor most of Tuesday but I didn't tell anyone because I was sick of false alarms. We ended up going to the hospital Tuesday night at 11:45pm because my contractions were 2-3 min. apart. We got to the hospital and I was already dilated to a 6. Our whole experience having baby Jay was a good experience, I am happy, and I hope to tell that story in a few days.
For are some pictures John picked out for me to post:)
I hadn't slept for more than 10 min. at a time (except for about 45 min. during the epidural) for the last 29 hours when this picture was taken:) This is right after he came out.

Daddy helping clean up and weigh baby.

Daddy is already a pro at swaddling baby.

Baby Jay and Grandma Nibbelink
Baby Jay and Grandma Shaler
Baby Jay and Grandpa Shaler
John giving him his first bath at the hospital.
John Elwood IV, V, and III
Me and baby late this afternoon after a nap:)
I love this picture of John and baby Jay.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Ang...congrats!! He's beautiful! So SO happy for you guys!


Lori said...

Caleb told me he wants to meet his cousin!

He's so precious, guys!! Thank you SOOO much for the pictures. It's really hard not to pack up and go NOW to see your little man!

Kyle and I are already making plans for me to come. I'll talk to you soon. Good work, mommy and daddy!

Rob and Christine said...

He is just beautiful... we're so happy for you guys!

JessieJo said...

Congrats Angie and John!! He is so adorable. So, he was born on June 30, from your last post that seems like a really special day, how cool that worked out!! We're so happy for you! Now try and get some sleep!

The Breuer Five said...

Oh - so happy for you guys! What a blessing - and awesome that he was born on the 30th - even though that meant an extra 10 days of pregnancy! He is beautiful! Can't wait to come see you!

Kt said...

CONGRATS!! So exciting he's here :) Hope you're recovering beautifully and you're getting as much rest as possible!

Anonymous said...

John & Angie,

Congratulations! He is a beautiful baby and I can't wait to meet him. I love the name Jay :)

Mary L.

Leslie said...

Horray! Congratulations! I am so excited for you guys. Babies are such a blessing. Enjoy this time, and be sure to get lots of rest when you can! :)

Chelsea Ellingson said...

I just typed you a really long congratulation note and then my wireless went out- so here's the abbreviated version: Congratulations!!! He looks perfect and you guys look happy- you're making me jealous to not be pregnant again!! :-) We'd love to come visit you sometime in the future if that's okay- my kids and I all have a chest cold, so we'll stay away until that's gone. Good luck with everything in the next few weeks!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how awake he is in the pictures! Angie you look great and John and all the family look very proud! They should be- he looks perfect!!! Congrats!!!!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations!! he is so beautiful and will be such a blessing. you have waited through a tough pregnancy for him! We wish you many sleepful nights! judy and duane and family