Friday, June 4, 2010

The new plan for baby...

At my appointment yesterday baby was still breech. I told my midwife that I have been trying to keep my but up in the air for 10-15 min. before bed, and a few other techniques for flipping a breech baby. (When I tried the heat/cold one John made me stop because he thought I would freeze baby's head with the ice pack:) She informed me that at this point in time- she doesn't think he will flip. She was there during the version and said some babies move significantly during external version even if they don't flip and our little guy didn't move much at all (even with the doctor pushing hard on my belly). She said there probably is a reason why he isn't flipping. It could be one of many things (cord around the neck, amount of amniotic fluid, or other factors). this point in time they want to schedule a c-section for 39 weeks. They don't want to go too far into the 39 weeks, so they are looking at the 15th or the 16th. Wow...a date!...He is coming in less than 2 weeks! My blog counter says 16 days, but that would be 11 or 12 days!

I know that one of the 2 midwives I have seen lately (and really like) will be there (the other one will be gone that week), and the doctor. I went over some of the procedural things for a c-section with my midwife. I don't have to have my hands tied down (even though our baby class instructor said we would), and John can be with me the whole time (unless he goes with the baby to the nursery).

I am kind of sad that I probably won't get to experience the craziness of labor and a vaginal birth. John really wanted me to punch him when I was in extreme pain:) I am also sad that during c-sections the baby goes to the nursery (with dad) for 25-30 min. while they finish the after birth stuff and stitch me up. I think that might be hard for me. (At least I will get to see baby for 5-10 min. before that happens).

My midwife said the VBAC procedure (if there is ever a second kid) is most recommended when c-sections (the first time) happened because of breech babies. That is reassuring (although I am NOT thinking about a second child right now).

On a positive note:
We will know when it is going to happen- so I won't have to worry about John rushing home from work, wondering if contractions are real, or rushing to the hospital because of the positive group B strep test. It will cost the same amount either way (because of insurance). Baby will probably not be born with a smushed head. We just want a healthy baby.

Other things to think about:
Do I look for a c-section video on Youtube to know what to expect? I watched one on external version and it was soothing. I'm afraid watching a video might be traumatic...but then again not knowing what to expect might be just as traumatic.
I have a couple other things I am thinking about but I'm not sure if they are blog-appropriate:)

Let the wild ride of last minute preparations begin!
*I have almost found a good insurance for baby
*I made one freezer meal (maybe I will get time for more)
*I plan on attending a breastfeeding class next week
*I want to go for coffee or lunch with a bunch of friends next week


Lori said...

Yay! A DATE! That's really exciting. Now I REALLY need to send those clothes to you.

I can't wait for little J to come. I wish I would be able to come!

Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

We're excited.
Can't wait.

JessieJo said...

I've had 2 c sections, you should email/facebook message me any questions or thoughts. I'd love to help out any way I can!! Good luck with everything. I can't wait to "meet" this baby boy.

Kt said...

Wishing you a smooth, successful, and most importantly HEALTHY delivery!