Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He flipped!

...Which means no baby yet.
We went in this morning bags with bags packed ready to have a baby. I had felt some significant movement in my belly on Thursday and on Sunday, but I have/had no way of knowing what any of it meant. Yesterday I freaked out because we told everyone today...and what if he flipped? For some reason, last night I got over it and have kind of gone through the day thinking...what is meant to be is meant to be. God has a plan for this too.

When we got to the hospital they knew I had felt significant movement (because I told them when they called last night), so they made me change into my gown and then they got my midwife to do an ultrasound. Sure enough...head down. Yeaaah! We waited for the Dr. to confirm and he did. The midwife checked me (2 1/2 cm dilated and 70-80% effaced), told me it is very rare that they flip this late in pregnancy, and to be happy about it. Then they sent us home. I go in for another prenatal appointment on Friday.

John said about 10 times today "but I wanted a baby today":) I think we are a little bummed that it all happened this way (built up anticipation to a date...and we told so many people, and then he flipped...so now we wait for labor to kick in itself), but on the other hand I have been reading things about C-sections that kind of freak me out so having a vaginal delivery would be nice!

Thanks to everyone for all their well wishes and prayers via comments, texts and e-mails. I really felt loved today and will take those with me when he really decides to come. Ever since I have had a "due date" I have told people I think he will be late. Now I have no clue, but I still think he will be late. Many women are induced especially in their first pregnancy.

As for the shooting pain in my leg, it isn't near as bad today, but I can feel it once in a while. Now it is more obvious that baby's head is pressing up against a nerve which is creating the pain. I am also really tired. By 1:00 this afternoon with all the craziness of the morning, I could barely keep my eyes open and had John make a few phone calls for me so I could take a nap.

Now I have tons of time to do stuff...but what?:) I can do things to stimulate labor, or I can clean some more. Or maybe I will watch "The Bachelorette" and some other shows online:) I switched my countdown to reflect the due date again:)


Anonymous said...

Answer to prayer!
Will just wait for him to
arrive. :)
G-ma Nibbelink

Kristie said...

What a blessing that he flipped! But just for the record, I promise that c-sections really aren't so bad either! :) I'm really happy for you guys - and like you said, God has a plan for when little man should arrive! We will keep praying in the meantime for an easy delivery and a healthy little guy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the text...I was thinking about you all morning. I wonder if your baby is going to be this obstinate when he actually arrives--doing what he wants on his own time:-) Well, keep us posted. Walking a lot helped me speed things up with both kids. At least it's nice outside! Also, after I got your text, I was wondering how you and John were feeling about it...bummer, no baby to meet today!

~Kelly S.

Kt said...

Holy moly - what a stubborn little man you have in there - nothing like waiting until the last minute :) But that is really great that he flipped - c-sections can be absolutely fine, but it's nice you have options now!

Wishing you lots of rest and calm until baby boy arrives!

Anonymous said...

Well, we had one really exciting "dry run" yesterday at the medical center, so now I know how excited I'll be when the baby really arrives! I'm sure the women receptionists and gift shop ladies will remember me, as I told them all about my other two grandkids and about the first "Shaler" baby coming! Cherry