Saturday, June 19, 2010


Early on in my pregnancy I wouldn't let myself get excited, because I know that so many miscaragages happen. At about 25 weeks I finally let myself get excited and I started reading a lot more, planning a lot more and thinking about BABY all the time. On Wednesday (after we didn't have the baby on Tuesday), I realized if I keep thinking about baby and labor all the time I will go nuts. I have been avoiding thinking and talking about baby for a few days now. I still make sure he is moving enough and answer at least 5 questions each day about how I am feeling and if there is any news, but I have really enjoyed this time not being pre-occupied with baby coming.

Things I have been doing:
Cooking- It has been hot and we don't have AC except for a window unit, so I have been making creative meals that don't heat up the house. I also have experimented with how to make the fresh fruit in the house more appealing. Here I made some cheesecake with peaches, blueberries and a bit of powdered sugar:)

Scrapbooking- I have a great collection of scrapbooking stuff and haven't really touched it since last summer. I am having a lot of fun getting back into it.
Movies/TV- Movies are good for me because shopping means a lot of standing, and when I get the leg pains I don't want to be in the middle of a store barely able to walk:) I have checked out a bunch of movies from the library to watch while I clean and cook, I have caught up on a bunch of ABC shows online. I also watched "When in Rome" from Redbox. I even went to a movie by myself yesterday because it sounded fun and relaxing (and it was in the AC).
I saw "Killers". It was cute.
I plan to watch Toy Story 3 with some friends today.
Photo Editing- Here is one thing I have been working on:
Here is my 39 weeks picture:
John says he can't remember what I look like not pregnant anymore:) He also said I look like a watermelon swallowed a cantalope. Then he asked if I dressed like a watermelon because he said that. My answer was NO, I just have limited clothes that fit right now:)


Anonymous said...

Looks like good food and fun movies. I can't wait to come.

Rob and Christine said...

Wow, that collage is incredible.

Dan and Sarah said...

Love the updates! Hang in there!

Nicole said...

i like the grouping of pregnant pics that's really cool. I only have like three pics of me pregnant the entire time. Sad. Anyway I'm glad you're still pregnant for the baby's sake. You're almost done you can make it!