Monday, September 6, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma visit and more

We have gotten some really cute pictures of Jay lately. Also, he had a few GOOD days this past week...which is very encouraging.
On Thursday night, it was really hot here (we don't have AC) and Jay's long sleeve broncos outfit wasn't going to work for the last pre-season game. I let him stay in a diaper and put a hat, a bib, and booties on him:) We love watching football together.

Also, he's a big drooler. I don't think he's teething (he seems a bit young for that). We go through 3-4 bibs a day because of drool.

Grandpa and grandma N came this weekend. We had lots of fun and he showered them with smiles.

Grandma loves to tell Jay nursery rhymes and other silly songs.

Jay spent a good 15 min. smiling, cooing and laughing the night before they left.

(His shirt says "feed me or I'll snap" which is SOOO true. He still eats every 1-2 hours (except during the night) and sometimes it's just a snack.)
He loves bath time now. Even if he has been crying all night we can give him a bath and he will be content.

We also took our first successful walk (meaning Jay didn't scream the entire time). We ditched the car seat-stroller combo, and just tried our little stroller. It was pretty windy, and night time so he was kind of tired. He stayed awake for about 10-15 min. and then fell asleep (and by that time it was getting dark). I'm hoping for more successful walks in the future. much as we love him, he still screams. Case in point:

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Anonymous said...

It was sooo much fun to see
you guys!
Love you all.
Thanks for the pics.
G-ma N