Friday, September 10, 2010

10 weeks

My little man is 10 weeks old. Goodness, it does go fast. I told John he has been sleeping more often during the day and he said "He's growing. He even looks bigger".
New things:
Bibs- we still go through 3-4 a day because of drool, you will probably see quite a few because all his pictures are of him with bibs on (unless I take it off for a few min. to get some pictures).

Giggles- yep, he has just started to giggle. Most of the time it is a smile with a few coo's, but the giggles have started.

Walks- I have gone on 1-2 10-15 min. walks every day lately. He doesn't last more than 10ish minutes, but it is still GREAT to be able to get some exercise and be outside. He loves the wind, so the wind has been great for our walks...not so great for the firefighters fighting the fire in Boulder.

Eyes- I get lots of comments on how pretty his eyes are. I agree, and I hope they stay blue just like Johns eyes. Here is a picture that shows his true eye color- no photoshoping involved:)
Trying new things- I finally feel like there is some "good" time where we can try new things with Jay. It only lasts about 10 min. most of the time, but besides walks we have tried cooking together, playing in the grass and going to the grocery store.

Toys- He has been enjoying toys more and more. Today he gripped his little cloth giraffe and got it in his mouth!

And another cute picture just for fun.

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Anonymous said...

He's changing again.
Getting bigger and more fun.
He's so cute!
G-ma N