Monday, September 13, 2010

First day back to work...

and it was great!
I'm not someone who cries much...and I didn't cry today either. I was actually excited to go back to work. I missed the kids, my colleagues, and "knowing what I was doing".
Let me explain that last one. I am "learning" how to be a mom and "learning" how baby Jay works. It was nice to KNOW how to do things back at work.
On the other hand, I was nervous about how his first day at the babysitter would go. Mostly just wondering how crabby Jay would be for her.

At work I was greeted by many kids and teachers enthusiastically saying "she's back!" and "how is your little baby?". I taught my lessons with gusto, and found a great little office room with a sink where I can pump. I didn't even worry because I got a text from the babysitter saying that he played happily on the floor for a while, and that he took a good nap. Oh he still had some crabby time, but it wasn't horrible.
Here is a picture of Kristie (our babysitter) and I. (and apparently a kid doing a skateboarding trick in the background)
She has 3 kids of her own, so she has plenty of experience:)

I started missing Jay on my way to pick him up..and when I got there he was just chillin in the swing. He had a good day. I guess even when he doesn't have a good day we know that he is capable of it:)
It will be a challenge to get everything done during the week, but I am excited to be back at work. The thing I miss most besides smiling and laughing with Jay are afternoon naps:(

Here is a picture of Jay wearing his first button down shirt from Sunday:

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Anonymous said...

He looks so grown up in a button down shirt.
Glad your first day went good!