Thursday, September 23, 2010


Can I just stay that I am pretty frustrated about the formula recall that they just announced. I checked all my formula today and almost all of it is on the list (and some of my containers are pretty much empty). Not only do we have to change brands and exchange it all, but I think baby Jay's tummy was just getting used to our breast milk most of the time with some formula routine. Now we are changing it up with different formula. He was pretty crabby tonight, and I wonder if that is why. The other thing I am frustrated with is that most of the other baby recalls are for cribs, or strollers where it would have to be an extreme case for someone to actually get hurt. This one is for something we put in our babies bodies! If nothing else, this gives me incentive to continue breastfeeding longer than I planned to, even if it isn't exclusive.

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Baby Making Mama said...

That stinks mama!! We haven't had to supplement yet but we have a can of Enfamil it did make me shudder a little when I saw that story. So sad!

But good for you for trying to breastfeed longer I hope I don't seem like a crazy lady saying that but I didn't see it growing up so it's neat seeing other people do it! I'm about to email you back about the pumping thing you commented about :)