Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Now that I am a working mom, all those little tasks that I had time to get done during the day, are needing to get done even when I don't get a chance. John has been amazing and I really feel like parenting has been a team effort. On the other hand, we are both taking online classes this semester and we are both working full time this month, so we have been multi-taking quite a bit.
Sometimes Jay is as happy as a clam when we do it. Today he sat in a chair and played with a toy while I cleaned/organized.

Last night he wasn't so happy to do laundry with me:)

(ps it kind of looks like he is getting teeth in this last picture, but I zoomed in on photoshop and discovered it is just the glistening of all the drool in his mouth:))


Lori said...

looking at these pictures, I can't WAIT to see him in a couple weeks. He looks so infant-like. Less newborny and I really really want to play with him.

And as far as gettint things done, it's really a battle at every stage. some stages are better, some are really hard, but it takes creativity with all of them. Seems like you have the creativity down tho. :) (love the laundry basket picture.)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you guys.
He doesn't like laundry I guess.