Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jay update

Jay is ONE MONTH old. Time really did go by fast.
He is smiling now (not a lot, but it is definitely happy awake smiles). He weighs over 9 lbs, and favors looking to the right when he sleeps. He has baby acne and cradle cap, but that is normal for his age. He is super cute and LOVES staring at a white bear contrasted with the dark colored shelf which is above the changing table.

About his crabbiness: I have been trying a lot of things people have mentioned and I wanted to let you guys know how it has been.
FYI- My mom and sister (with 2 boys) are here visiting for a few days helping out and they agree that he is a crabby baby:(

First, we watched "Happiest baby on the Block", and tried the 5 S's. All in all they helped out and they give us techniques to try, but they don't really work for long. I did learn that "swinging" only works when they are already calm (After they are calm then you put them in the swing). It HAS worked that way sometimes. He slept for 3 hours one time in it. I have also been swinging him or swaying in big motions more. My sister is really good at this!

I learned that the green soothies are more flexible than the blue soothies. The green ones are better for newborns. I also tried another kind of pacifier, he didn't really like it either. We have also been holding the paci in his mouth during his crabby times, which sorta works. He is not fooled at all by finger sucking. He sometimes likes an arm or a hand and eats it like a drumstick.

Vibrating bouncy chair: We got one at a garage sale for $1. He was calm in it for 10 min. once when he was full and rested. He doesn't like it when he is screaming. I'm not giving up on it yet, I hope to try it some more.

We went on Friday and he slept A LOT on Friday (a 3 hour nap, and a bunch of 30 min naps.) But today (Saturday) he barely slept at all, and was REALLY crabby most of the day (except when mom took him in the porch swing outside). So...I can't really tell if it helped him. The chiropractor did say that colicky babies are over-stimulated and like darkness, wooshing noises and swaying motion (some of which I already knew).

I found another type of sling and my sister showed me how to use it. I am borrowing a moby wrap from a friend tomorrow. He still hasn't liked it so far, but I will keep trying.

We learned from "Happiest baby on the block" that the white noise needs to be loud, so shushing right in his ear seems to work a little better. We also tried the hairdryer, but haven't turned on the vacuum yet.

My mom and mother-in-law have both done a lot of tummy, back and butt rubbing on Jay. He seems to like it sometimes. I need to try it a little more to see if it works for me.

Still to try:
Gripe water, Vacuum, Lavender lotion, probiotic,

Thank You so much to my mom and sister who took so many turns babysitting and holding him especially during the crabby times:)
I love Aunt Lori:
Shopping with Grandma:)

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Lori said...

I loved hanging out with you guys! I miss you all already! Thanks for letting us come over. :)