Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who does he look like?

Jay is 3 weeks old today!
People keep asking who he looks like, John or I? We really aren't sure. Here are some picture of us as kids.
Here is me (Angie) in the hospital when I was little.

And here is a picture of me at 11 days.

Here is John when he was born.

Here is John at at 2 weeks.

You can scroll down to the other posts to find pictures of Jay and decide who he looks like:)


Kt said...

You know what - I think there are interesting similarities between you and John now, and as babies. I know I hear that hubby and I look alike and always think it sounds odd - but I think it's somewhat true that we end up with people that might have some similar features. So I think baby Jay takes on a little bit of both of you!

Anonymous said...

He looks like a good mixture.
G-ma N

Anonymous said...

Well, based on the baby pics of John, he looks more like John. But in person I think he has your eyes. Cherry

Lori said...

I have no idea!