Thursday, July 8, 2010

it's going :)

If you've had a chance to talk to me you've probably asked how's it going?

Well, it's hard...not really because of lack of sleep, mostly because if baby Jay is not sleeping or eating..he is crying. I got 10 min. of walking around with him awake yesterday and it was awesome.

After the first few days of feeding him almost every hour so he would stop crying, we went to the doctor and breastfeeding clinic and found out he wasn't getting quite enough to eat. Since then we have been supplementing with formula after each feeding. I have noticed a difference in his behavior during the night (he has slept for one or two- 2-3 hour stretches), but not much consistent change during the day. I have a feeling we will get the feedings figured out and it will get easier, I just might need another week.

My mom was a HUGE help this past week. She cooked and cleaned and did lots of baby duty (even if he was crabby). Our house was spotless when we came home from the was a great welcome home present! She left yesterday and we miss her already:)
John is back at work this week and loves his father-son time when he gets home. I was on baby duty by myself for the first time yesterday. Baby Jay slept for 2 hours in the morning and then only for 10 min at a time until 5:00 when John came home. It was...frustrating. I called for reinforcements today (John's mom came to help) because I had to go to BF clinic and a doctor's appointment. Baby Jay was WAY better today. He slept for many good stretches, had more awake happy time than I have seen since the first day he was born, and we were able to calm him down a little easier when he cried than some other days. I think that when I hold and cuddle him the same way my mom and mother-in-law do, he smells me and won't stop rooting for food.

He gained 6 oz. since Monday (when we started supplementing) and he is now 7lbs. 9oz. (on 7-9-2010):).

Funny story about today:
Baby Jay had only peed when we took off his diaper once before, so I hadn't been covering it up...but today was a different story.
1. At BF clinic when I took off his diaper he "turned on the fountain" and hit the wall, a poster and went all over his blanket. I got quite a few laughs from other mothers feeding, but it was worth it.
2. At the doctors office he needed a rectal temp, and when we had part of the diaper off (he was laying on my lap) he peed a little on my pants. Then when we put the diaper back on he exploded it with poop and got that on my pants too.
3. When we got home some friends from church brought us supper and were holding him when he peed so much it soaked the front of her shirt in two places (sorry!!).
4. When I changed him his evening he turned on the fountain again and hit the changing table, wall, and his own face! Poor little guy. Mommy learned her lesson. Maybe I should invest in a Pee-pee tee-pee:)
I have other posts started, but I need to finish them. Hopefully the labor & delivery story will come this weekend.
Now, a few pictures.
He doesn't enjoy being changed, or getting his sponge baths:)
Pretty much where I permanently reside because of feedings John hooked up a TV and DVD player to keep me occupied if I get bored:)
My next post won't have so many crying pictures:)

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Anonymous said...

It was great to be able to help
you. Jay is already looking
bigger. He looks really cute in
the 3rd picture!
Hang in there!