Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The sleeping habits of my boyz.

Here is a picture of 4 John Elwoods (II,III, IV, V) pretending to sleep.

John's sleeping habits:
John has always said that co-sleeping with a baby was not an option for us, but in the last few weeks I've figured out why. John has been working very hard (physically) at work, and has helped out a lot at home with the new baby so he is very tired when he goes to bed.
The last 2 nights I have woken up to violent movements (him flinging his legs and arms in one direction and plopping them down on my side of the bed). Last week he woke up in the middle of the night yelling "Where is the other kid?" I had no idea what he was asking so I told him "he is in there" (and I pointed to the bassinet). Then he said "Don't we have 2 kids?" I responded with "no" and laid back down to get some sleep for myself:) Luckily he doesn't wake up to the baby crying, so he can get some good sleep.

Jay's sleeping habits:
Jay has a bad habit of sleeping for 5-10 min. when I put him down anywhere. When someone is holding him, he will sleep for hours. I don't have patience to hold him for hours, so he sleeps in small increments most of the time. John and his mom both have more patience than I will ever have and let him sleep:) Here is how he sleeps:

Any ideas on how to get an overtired newborn to sleep? He also gets so tired that he just wants to eat and that's it. Then he falls asleep eating, but wont stay sleeping. ???


Kt said...

I've heard that putting him in a carrier so you can get things done and be hands free helps some moms.

He's also used to hearing gurgling noises (from your belly) and your heart beat. So I've heard that the Could b Sleep Sheep helps. Maybe try that?

Chelsea Ellingson said...

I second the carrier- Chloe would only sleep in a carseat for a while- we would put her there during the day so I could watch her, and at night just do our best with the crib/swing. The swing actually worked really well with Chloe too- both our kids were sleeping 8 hours through the night by 8 weeks, and I'm not sure it has a whole lot to do with what we did so much as they just came that way, but we weren't complaining. :-) I'd say, though, that we started early in getting them used to the crib. But every baby is different, so try everything and then chose something and be consistent with it. There's my expert advice. :-)

Leslie said...

I agree with the other comments. Jay's probably used to sleeping with body heat and the sweet lull of a heartbeat close by. I know it's still super hot and in the summer time, but are you still swaddling him? New babies still desperately need to feel that confinement of being swaddled up...even if it's hot. I found that my girls often slept better and longer when they were swaddled up nice and tight.

I also agree with the other comment about the carrier. That way you can still get things done while Jay still feels close to you. Meghan slept in the swing a lot when she was really little, but then I started moving her into her crib or bassinet to sleep just because I've heard stories of parents over using one technique to get their baby to sleep and then that turns out to be the ONLY way the baby can get to sleep. I wouldn't be too worried now since Jay is still so little. Right now you just need to figure out what works for right now and stick with it.

Hope this helps. I know it's hard especially considering how every baby is different and not one thing works for every baby. Parenting is most definitely trial and error sometimes...and TONS of patience. You're doing just fine. We've all been there, and there will be many more who will have these same struggles along the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ang-
Owen was a tough one for sleep at times too. He did like the swing but the key with him was a cradle swing--it swings from side to side versus back and forth and when they're this little, the side to side is more soothing to them. Also noise is always good--nature, music, you going "shoosh shoosh shoosh" (me making that noise was like magic for Owen, guessing b/c it's like a heartbeat) and try to keep him from associating sleeping with eating--easier said. When Owen was that little I tried to have him have "awake" time after eating and then awhile after eating used different methods to put him to sleep. I always swaddled him and put him between those positioner things as well. If he likes his carseat to sleep in and he will, don't feel bad about doing that for now and you can "train" him out of sleeping in it when he's older and can soothe himself a bit better. I can tell he's already bigger at 3 weeks--they grow like I watch Owen take laps around my island;)