Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I can't live without since baby is here...

Being a somewhat type A personality, these things help keep me organized and sane.
1. Angel Care monitor. Since I was younger and did a school report on SIDS, I have always been paranoid with making sure babies are breathing. I don't think I would sleep more than 30 min. at a time if I didn't have this monitor which senses the slightest movement (including breathing) and beeps if no movement is detected. It is awesome!

2. Itzbeen Timer This timer is something I read about in another looked so great that I had to have it. I used it consistently to time my contractions before baby was born, and now I use it to time feedings, my pills, and sometimes baby sleep patterns.
My Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

3. Baby Daze book. I got this book as a gift, and wasn't sure I was going to use it, but since I had trouble with breastfeeding it was GREAT to record when I was feeding/supplementing, diaper changes and everything else. It really helped when the lactation consultants ask what we had been doing so far. I can whip out my book and say "see":)
Baby Daze

4. Ice Packs. I don't think I need to show a picture or tell you how I use them...but they are great (especially because we don't have AC)

5. My glider and ottoman. I spend a lot of time in this chair, so much that John hooked up a TV and DVD player so I can watch DVD's while I BF or pump.
Rocking Chair

6. Swaddle wraps. These are awesome for night time because they don't come un-tied and they keep the little man swaddled. I got one at a garage sale, but I bought another one because they are so handy dandy.

7. Family members who help out. My mom and John's mom have been amazing helping out in whatever way they can. I especially love when they take baby Jay and rock him to sleep, cuddle him when he is sad or pat him while he is crying- while I take a nap:)


The Breuer Five said...

I love your updates! It's nice that you can fill everyone in on what's going on even when you don't have the time to field a hundred phone calls! Thanks for sharing! And yay for the ice packs! We do have AC, by the way, feel free to come by and sit in it anytime!

Anonymous said...

The first 3 things, I never heard
of before you started using them, but they are really great!
Need more pics of Jay. :)
G-ma N