Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Good Day!

Today I love being a mom.
Today I felt like I had a normal baby.
Today I went to 3 different places with baby Jay and was gone from 10-3:45!
Today is the first day I think the Babywise strategy might actually have a place in my life.
Today baby had more awake happy time than I have EVER seen in his life.

As I reflect, I can think of a few reasons why he might have had a good day...but I really don't know.
Here are some reasons why he might have been so good:
*He got good sleep the night before (a 4 hour stretch and a 2 1/2 hour stretch)(Which also means I got more sleep and am happier)
*I took a Tylenol with breakfast instead of IB proffen
*He cried the whole way to the Dr.'s office (15 min.) and got tired
*He got a PKU test (they took blood from his heel)= blood loss?, his cries were a bit weaker and softer than normal after that
*He found his fist (while in his car seat) a few times on the way to and from places to calm himself briefly from the crying
*He got 2 oz. of formula during the middle of the day
*He slept more often and a bit longer than normal. a few 20-30 min. naps, and a 2 1/2 hour nap when we got home
*He enjoys being in the moby wrap (I have taken 2 walks a day lately with it!!)

*He had regular stools, and didn't seem to have a lot of gas
*Blackout curtains in the nursery and our bedroom (the bassinet). I figured out that he likes the darkness, and will go to sleep and stay asleep significantly better when it is dark (which may be why nights have been pretty good for us)
All I can say is that I hope this day repeats itself more often than not, and to those who have been praying for us and our little guy...THANK YOU.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have lots of those
kind of days.

Kt said...

SO glad!!

Lori said...

I'm so happy the moby is working for you! it's sort of those love it or hate it things.
so glad you had a good day. those days are so nice. and then the next day is bad and you're like, "wait, you can be better than this. I've experienced you being better than this."
but the good day keep you energized enough to put up with the bad too.

btw, jay looks SO cute in the moby picture. I can't believe I miss him so much already.

The Breuer Five said...

Awesome! Glad we got to see you guys on this awesome day! Hope it has continued for you!