Friday, August 6, 2010

We're learning...

Things are getting better.
I feel like this week especially, I have learned so much about Jay. I think he also has learned a lot about life and me.
For example, I am starting to recognize his tiredness cues before he is irate.
I know now that he needs darkness or a swing to take a LONG nap. (I'm looking in to buying blinds for our front window and sliding glass door- any recommendations?)
I know that he needs a little bit a formula in the afternoon for him to have a good day.
I know that swaddling is essential for baby Jay.
I know that he is capable of a schedule but isn't there yet.

He learned that the pacifier isn't such a bad thing (even though he will spit it out either right away or after a few min).
He learned that crying/screaming in his car seat the whole way to our destination doesn't get him anything. (The last few times we went out he only cried for 5-7 min. and then either found his fist to suck on or just stared.
He learned that 2-3 hour naps once or twice a day make him much happier.

Here is Jay "singing" happy birthday to daddy:)
He is still colicky, but understanding him makes my job as a mom much less frustrating.
I figure if we get a babysitter who hasn't had kids, we will send the "Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD with Jay so they can try the strategies if he cries a lot:)
I went to school yesterday to get some work done and my co-workers held him and took care of him while I met with people. Jay did great, and I actually forgot about him for like 30 min. I think about him so was weird to forget about him:)

On another note, I have had stomach pains/attacks a few times that are very painful (like bad contractions but they don't go away every few minutes). My sister had a huge ordeal with her gallbladder which left her in the hospital for a few days after she had her first kid, so I decided to see the doctor. All my symptoms point to gall bladder issues, so I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week to see what is going on. In the meantime I get to eat a bland diet and hope for no more gall bladder "attacks". I'm so lucky I think I know what it is, because many people with gall bladder pains don't figure it out right away.


Lori said...

I loved the update and I was dying to talk to you today but was so busy, so I couldn't. I'm so glad you talked to your doctor about the stomach thing and praying you don't have any more attacks. Blah.

Happy Birthday John!

Also, glad your day at school went really well. This was a really positive post (despite the crying picture and the stomach pains) and it made me so happy for ya. I love all this figuring out stuff. Each kid is absolutely so different.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.
Too bad Jay sang Happy Birthday
in a minor key. :)
G-ma N