Saturday, August 14, 2010

A day with Mommy...

By: Jay
(photos taken over the last week)
First, I wake up in the morning and eat. Then I shower mommy with smiles because I am full and awake.

Then I take a walk or hang out with mommy during my happy time.
After a while I think and ponder what comes next.

I'm pretty sure it is crying...yep that's it.

Mommy tries, bouncing, shhhshing, swaddling, rocking, the pacifier and eventually retreats to the nursery where it is dark.
She turns on Tim's music...#9 "Everything is New" to calm me down if I am screaming, then #2 "Part the waters" to fall asleep
She rocks me to sleep (or sometimes feeds me more if I won't calm down).
Then I go to sleep in the is my favorite place in the world for napping.

Then I wake up, eat and get changed. I love my changing table and stare and smile for a long time.
Then I have a little bit of happy time.
After that I get crabby again. That is usually when I have tummy time.

Then mommy tries gas drops, walking, the bouncer, holding me different ways but I still won't stop crying. Then we go outside in the porch swing and I like the wind and the things to look at, so I stop crying for a while.
Then I go back in the dark to get really sleepy and take another nap.

This pretty much repeats itself if I am having a good day. Otherwise I cry a lot more:)
My mommy loves me.

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Anonymous said...

You tell a good story.
You are very cute.
You have a nice mommy, so try to cry less and smile more.
Grandma N.