Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A few hard days and nights...

They say that colic gets bad between weeks 6-8 and they aren't kidding. Jay has been screaming a good portion of the day, and most nights from 8-11. He stops for a while when daddy sings with him, or when I nurse him...and he might be quiet for 10 min. here and there. He hasn't gone to bed easily like he did weeks 3-5. Now he fights it so much and doesn't actually go to sleep until 11:15. Last night I just stuck him in bed at 11:00 (his normal bedtime is between 10:00-10:30) and let him cry for 10 min. before I picked him up again. Then after another "comfort feeding" he whimpered himself to sleep.

He LOVES to suck at night, but he hates the pacifier and will only take a finger for a short while.

I keep thinking it has to be gas or trapped air or something else, because he is not happy after he eats either (with breast milk or formula). We have been trying Mylicon(gas drops) off and on before, but yesterday and today we have been giving him drops every feeding or more often. My mother-in-law seemed to notice a slight difference, but I don't notice a thing. He farts a lot, but he always farts a lot.

Grrr... I wish I could do more for my little man. At least he likes to sleep in the swing some of the time.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could help.

Rob and Christine said...

It is so hard when they cry. I am here if you ever need a break- ever. Drop him off and get some Starbucks... just call me. You are a wonderful mom, and your love shows in everything you do for him. This phase (just like gas- sorry) will pass.