Saturday, January 28, 2012


I could think of something to write about every day this week...I was just too tired to do it:)
Jay has been blossoming like crazy. He learns new things every day and we are constantly amazed. So far this week he has:
-really enjoyed dipping pancakes in syrup

-learned to say his first 3- syllable word: App- le- sauce

-has been singing the first line of the ABC's pretty well (although when I try to record it he doesn't do as well.

-has been wanting to "hep" (help) with everything including supper every night. Last night he helped by taking a small bite out of each one of the ham and cheese buns I was putting together before I put them in the oven. The night before he poured the ingredients in the bowl and put blueberries in the pancake mix for me. He even enjoys pointing to his favorite foods in the grocery ads.

-he gets pretty upset when he can't "hep" with the "wah-hee" (laundry).

-his favorite thing is still going outside to play. Most of the time he wonders like a lost puppy dog, but our street isn't too busy, so I try to keep him on the sidewalk headed to the park.

-his favorite snacks are mini teddy grahams, anything with chocolate (which he doesn't get very often), and fruit: grapes, blueberries, strawberries, bananas.

-He is definitely getting an attitude (the babysitters notice it too). I think he is going to be a temper tantrum kid (oh yippee!) Yesterday when I wouldn't let him take a box of cereal upstairs he screamed. I put it up on a higher shelf, turned the lights off and walked upstairs assuming he would follow me. He did...with a different box of cereal in his hands the whole way!

-he loves to sing and dance. His car seat be-bop is pretty hilarious.

-he THRIVES when he is with other kids. He learned how to say "abi" (the babysitters daughter) and says it over and over. Even when he was sick this week he sadly begged "bye-bye?" as his eyes were watering through the sickness.

-We got out the Wii for a bit to play, and Jay loved holding the remote (and occasionally swinging it).  I was impressed when he actually returned one of the balls in tennis.

-Monkey is still his favoritest pal:) He takes him anywhere he will be napping and it seems to work pretty well.

-I on the other hand have been feeling a little bit better. Still feel sick in the morning (I wake up between 1-3am to take my pill), but overall a little better.
-I have been getting heartburn more and more. This week it kept me up for a few hours in the middle of the night :(
-I am keeping busy finding ideas for Jay's new sports (with the colors of Orange and Navy) room, and trying to decided what kind of a theme to use for the baby/office room.  I really liked an argyle theme, but when we struck out finding material that I liked for curtains, and the painting of the wall looked very time consuming, I'm not sure if it will work or not. I am kind of proud of the crazy find we got at Hobby Lobby for 90% off last week.  An orange helmet/christmas tree. Before:

-I am also on the lookout for a swing that goes front to back or side to side, with a wall plug-in, that does NOT have a tray that comes down between the legs. That will be my main splurge for this baby (unless I can find a good one on Craig's list)
-I have a new diaper bag picked out, but I am waiting to buy it for a little longer. I know I can justify spending tax return money on it, so it is incentive to get my taxes prepared and done:) Of the 4 that I picked out, this is the one that John and I agree on: JJ Cole Mode Bag
- 24 weeks! I am getting more and more excited for baby, but I am trying to focus on enjoying Jay right now:)

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Anonymous said...

We laughed out loud at funny, funny
Jay! Attitude? Happens to them all about 1 1/2 - 2.
G-ma & G-pa N