Thursday, January 19, 2012

22 weeks

So I am 22 weeks now (23 tomorrow). I feel BIG, but I also know that because I am eating every couple of hours to help myself function I am ok with that. Since I have not done regular updates with this pregnancy, here are a few pictures and the rundown on how I am feeling (based on what my blog-friend Julia does).

Size of baby: at 23 weeks it is a Papaya, I can’t remember what 22 weeks was already.

Cravings: Sugar...a bit more this week. I expecially love cinnamon rolls, BBQ chicken, and rasin bread.

What I love: knowing that I am fat because I am pregnant, and not because I am just fat. The people who are especially nice to me if they notice I am pregnant (holding doors, letting me cross the street).

What I'm looking forward to the most: Figuring out the nursery and Jay’s new room with balls.

Worries: Today my stomach was really tight a lot (maybe Braxton hicks contractions- not sure) but I think it was because I was on my feet a lot yesterday and I had a long day. I’m going to take it more easy the next couple of days. Other than that, no real worries.

What is different this time around: We get to think more about the name, especially the middle name. Last time we used the family name and Jay is the FIFTH. This time we have a little more freedom. I am bigger this pregnancy and I am also functioning WAY better. Even teachers at school have noted that I am a lot happier this time around.

Symptoms: Still sick in the morning (taking a nausea pill), and the stomach tightening today, otherwise a bit of tiredness, and some back pain but mostly at night because I get sick of switching from left side to right side

Sleep: I go to bed before 9:30 most nights and sleep pretty well-except for switching from left to right side because my back gets sore.

Movement: I started feeling movement at 19 weeks and I feel it very consistently-especially after I eat when I sit down. It is fun! I don’t make John keep his hand on my stomach this time, so he hasn’t felt it yet…but he will.

The belly: Really stretching out! I think it has been slowly growing this whole time though.

Boy or Girl: A healthy baby boy.

Milestones: The ultrasound at week 20 nice. It confirmed all our thoughts and they said he has long arms and legs. Also Jay knows where the baby is (in mommy’s tummy).

Best moment of the week: I found the ultrasound DVD in my purse and popped it in the computer. I picked a cute song to play while I watched it…and knowing that I was watching our little boy made me SOOO happy. Actually I decided to edit the best parts of it to a cute song so you can see it too. Be on the lookout


Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better
and functioning better this time.
Stay healthy. MOM

Lori said...

This is a GREAT way to keep us/yourself updated on your pregnancy. Hope to see more soon! Love it.

Dan and Sarah said...

Love all the details. Blake is 5 days old today and I keep thinking to myself "it's so nice not to be pregnant anymore" :) I'm glad you are trying to enjoy it all, but I'm sure you are like me and can't wait for it to be over!