Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jay Translations

Jay translations:
Da-dah or dah-dur- Cracker
Neee- cheese
Wah-he- Laundry
Mie- mine
Huh hiii- Hut hut hike (when he is holding a football)
Up- (Throw me up in the air)
Yeah?- (do it again)
Choo-choo- (anything involving a train)
Uhh-uhh (while bopping his head)- I want to play the pumpkin game on
Uh-oh-( uh-oh)
Nac or naa- snack
Cour?- can I color?
Mil- milk
Ni-ni- night night (or nap)
Those of you who know him best...anything I missed?


Anonymous said...

He looks so grown up in this picture. Cute!
G-ma N

Chelsea's Attic said...

*looking at me with confusement and partial disdain* = "Bring me to the male in the house, you are insufficient..." :-) You're going to have to bring him over again sometime when Craig isn't around so we can re-establish our friendship. I love baby talk!

Lori said...

WOW-one of his faves. Isaiah has caught on to the WOW craze too. :)